Fall Virtual Fair Banner

Wednesday, April 10
11:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Online, in Handshake

Our fair connects many of the nation's top companies with KSU's brightest students and alumni for internship, co-op, full-time, & part-time positions. 

Students of all majors and class levels are encouraged to attend. 

Use the Handshake app to run filters specifically for your situation. You can sort by major, job type, school year, industry, keyword, and much more! You can favorite Employers you want to visit to make it easier to find them on the day of the event. 

Employers can host 30-minute group sessions and 10-minute one-on-one sessions. Log in to Handshake to start signing up now to get your preferred times.

Attendance reserved for KSU students and KSU/SPSU alumni only. 

Please Note: Business Casual to Business Professional dress is recommended for this event. 

We look forward to being your host in July! 

Start signing up to meet Employers now! 


Need Help Getting Ready For The Fair?

  • Join an upcoming workshop for tips to get you ready. 

    • Workshop dates and times coming soon!
  • You need to have your resume approved in Handshake before the fair. Drop by for some in person help with your resume at our Marietta and Kennesaw Offices. Check out Handshake for more details on workshops and drop-in career advising sessions.
  • Meet with your Career & Internship Advisor in person or virtually by booking an appointment in Handshake. Appointments can also be scheduled by calling 470-578-6555.
  • Our Career & Internship Advisors are ready to answer your questions in Drop-In Advising - check Handshake for upcoming sessions.
  • Handshake has great advice on what to do before, during, and after the virtual fair. Attending a Virtual Fair? Here are 10 Tips You Need to Know.

    10 Tips

Tips from your Career and Internship Advisor

    • Download the Handshake app (free download for Apple and Android devices) to see the list of registered employers for the upcoming Job & Internship Fairs.
    • You can see all organizations attending the event by clicking on it in Handshake. Check back frequently to see new employers, but more importantly...do your research!
    • Do research inside Handshake, but do not stop there. Find the organization's website to learn more about the company, mission, and any open positions listed on their website, under "Careers," "Employment," "About Us" or similar sections.
    • Use other websites to do research as well. Many employers will have a presence on LinkedIn, where you can learn more about them and even explore who is already employed there and the backgrounds and professional experience of those individuals.
  • How to create a unique elevator speech for each employer:

    1. Hi! I’m (your full name). I’m a/an _____________________ major, graduating in _______.

    2. Next say something interesting about yourself, something that will impress this specific employer.

    Examples:I just completed an internship with ¬(company name) in the _____________Department. It was amazing…
    I have a 3.5 GPA and have always excelled academically.
    I am the President of ___________, (describe the organization: purpose, # of students…)

    3. Wrap it up by expressing your interest in the employer: "I am very interested in working with you because…(insert your research)

    4. Finally: May I give you my resume?

    Practice, Practice, Practice: Know your Elevator Speech & say it with ease…


    Do not leave without...requesting a business card, so you are able to write a thank you note within 24 hours. Always attach your resume.

  • Your resume needs to be perfect: no spelling or grammar mistakes, reverse chronological order, everything aligned.

    Please review the Career Guidebook for tips on creating a strategic resume, along with additional resume samples available on our website here (click on the link that matches your college under "Resources for Writing Your Resume and Cover Letter").


    1. Resumes should be printed on "resume paper," a slightly heavier paper that typically has a watermark. This paper is available at stores like, Staples, Office Depot, and Walmart.
    2. Always bring more resumes than you think you will need. You never know how many employers will stop you and introduce themselves or employers that you decide you'd like to meet.
  • Present yourself in a professional manner - dressing professionally is one of the keys to making a great first impression! Remember, business casual or business professional attire is recommended for this fair. 

    Dress For Success

    Business Professional

    • Keep hair groomed and pulled back from your face
    • Non-athletic / religious headwear
    • Coordinated suit jacket with pants or skirt (knee-length or longer)
    • Button-down top with collar or blouse
    • Coordinating neckwear (tie, bowtie, necklace, etc.)
    • Structured dress (knee-length or longer)
    • Dress Shoes (flats or heels)
    • Coordinating dress socks where appropriate

    Business Casual

    • Keep hair groomed and pulled back from your face
    • Non-athletic / religious headwear
    • Blazer, sports coat or cardigan
    • Button-up top, blouse, or good quality knit sweater
    • Polos, short-sleeved shirts, non-collared shirts
    • Dress pants, slacks, or skirts (knee-length or longer)
    • Non-distressed jeans
    • Dress shoes (flats or heels)
    • Dress sandals with heel strap, clean sneakers, or boots
    • Purchase a leather or pleather portfolio for your resumes
    • Include a pen & extra paper for notes tucked inside
    • Smiles & eye contact to make a great impression
    • Firm handshakes for both men & women
    • Always pick up a business card when you meet with an Employer, so you can write a thank you note within 24 hours incorporating the notes you’ve written after speaking to an Employer.
    • We have a bag check, so you can always leave your backpack, purse, coat, or other items there. Be unburdened as you navigate the career fair floor.