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Dr. Khawaja A. Saeed

If you are excited about exploring innovative solutions to the challenges faced by contemporary organizations, YOU ARE AT THE RIGHT PLACE. We offer potential management, entrepreneurship, and hospitality graduates a transformational experience that prepares them to design, implement, and monitor business processes and structures for competitiveness.

Our world-class faculty offer a wide range of programs including specializations in general management, entrepreneurship, and hospitality. If you are interested in shorter versions of the experience, you may find minors and certificates in these areas, business fundamentals, human resource management, operations & supply chain, and music and entertainment business more suitable. If you are interested in a deeper dive, please reach out to The Leven School at levenschool@kennesaw.edu to be connected with the right faculty member.

Be part of the group that transforms organizations through business development and innovation.

Dr. Khawaja A. Saeed
Interim Director
Michael A. Leven School of Management, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality

Leven School Ambassadors

Morgan Dennis Jones:  "It has been an honor to serve as an ambassador for the Micheal A. Leven School of Management, Entrepreneurship, & Hospitality. I have gathered lots of knowledge on how to help students, and I also want to thank the faculty that has helped plan the events. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity!"

Brooklin Cox:  "I am incredibly honored to be a Leven School Ambassador. This is such an incredible program to be a part of. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to make the Leven School, Coles College, and KSU a better place for myself and fellow students. Go Owls!"

Libna Amaro:  “I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve on the Leven School Advisory Board! As a student, it has been a privilege to take part in impactful events and be a part of a college that truly values the student voice.”

Leven School Ambassadors Program

Join our esteemed group of Leven School Ambassadors and become a driving force in shaping the future of our programs, events, and initiatives. As an Ambassador, you'll serve as a proactive student focus group, providing constructive feedback to enhance the student experience within the Leven School community.


  • Attend two meetings per semester.
  • Provide valuable feedback on programs, events, and initiatives.
  • Play a pivotal role in organizing and attending our signature Alumni Panel Events held each fall and spring.
  • Contribute to the planning and execution of other value-added events within the school.


  • Gain hands-on experience in leadership and community engagement.
  • Receive letters of recommendation for employment and graduate school applications.
  • Enhance your resume by listing your membership in this prestigious program.
  • Access exclusive Leven School Ambassadors swag to proudly represent our special group.
  • Exclusive engagement with Alumni and idustry professionals at events.

Join us in making a difference while also enjoying the perks and recognition that come with being a part of the Leven School Ambassadors program. Take the first step towards becoming a leader in our community!

For more information or to apply, contact levenschool@kennesaw.edu.

Pictured from left to right: Morgan Dennis Jones, Brooklin Cox, and Libna Amaro
Pictured from left to right: Morgan Dennis Jones, Brooklin Cox, and Libna Amaro

Advice on Groups, Internship, & Networking

Building Our Students

We prepare our students to enter the highly competitive global market with confidence, and develop future leaders who can successfully manage small, medium, and large organizations anywhere in the world. We are known for high quality, contemporary, and applied courses in organizational behavior, human resources, supply chain management, family business, entrepreneurship and general management.

Brochure Two Year Tentative Course Schedule


  • In addition to teaching, our faculty pursues research that can be applied to the challenges organizations face every day and impact how business functions:

    • Maximizing employee performance
    • Developing employee potential
    • Improving business processes
    • Addressing the unique challenges of family businesses
    • Navigating mergers and acquisitions



Alexis Hiett, management alumnus

Alumni Spotlight

"Business management made me very well rounded. The world runs on business. It's a great place to be!"

Management Alumnus, 2019
Senior Analyst, Readiness Resolution
The Home Depot

Michael A. Leven School Events

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