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Whether you want to start your own company or help others develop their companies, the Kennesaw State University Entrepreneurship degree will get you on the right path. The Bachelor's degree in Business Entrepreneurship offers courses that focus on how to start something new that others find valuable, whether it is your startup company, someone else's startup, or inside an existing organization.

The Kennesaw State Entrepreneurship degree fosters deep thinking, experimentation, observation, and reflection to instigate creativity and action into economic development. This program includes entrepreneurial orientation in various settings, including new venture creation, social stewardship, family business, government operations, and corporate endeavors. The goal is to create an entrepreneurial, action-oriented mindset and skill set that differentiates you as a business owner or future leader.

If a student has a major in another area, that student can still receive a minor or certificate in entrepreneurship.

To enhance students' exposure to actual business environments, the Coles College of Business has instituted various programs and centers of excellence. These initiatives provide you with tangible knowledge and firsthand experience. Integral to your education and hands-on experience as a management student, you will have the chance to engage with:

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