Program Overview

The Bachelor of Business Administration in Management offers an opportunity to join a group of diverse management scholars involved in innovative research and teaching activities. The management degree provides a foundation of knowledge and skills that are highly transferable compared to specialized majors. These skills are versatile and applicable across various industries, spanning different career paths. At the core of your degree, you will explore the fundamentals of managing organizations, individuals, and projects. This includes multidisciplinary subjects such as strategic management, operations management, entrepreneurship, international business, human resource management, and family business.

As a student in business management, you will also be able to select from four specialization areas:

To enhance students' exposure to actual business environments, the Coles College of Business has instituted various programs and centers of excellence. These initiatives provide you with tangible knowledge and firsthand experience. Integral to your education and hands-on experience as a management student, you will have the chance to engage with:

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