Teacher Leadership Post- Masters Certificate

The Teacher Leadership Certification Program/Teacher Leadership Certification-Only is designed to prepare and develop the capacity for teachers to serve in various teacher leadership roles (i.e. instructional coaching, chairing academic departments, providing professional learning opportunities, building a school culture of continuous improvement, and becoming change agents).  

This 18-hour GaPSC certification program will enable experienced teachers, who have a graduate degree in a discipline other than Teacher Leadership, to plan and lead professional development; mentor and coach other teachers; align curriculum, instruction, and assessment; model best teaching practices; analyze data and collaborate with all stakeholders to improve student learning.  

Successful completion of the courses listed in the certification-only program will make students eligible for a S-5 Service Certificate in Teacher Leadership from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission (GaPSC).


KSU(name certificate) students in the classroom

Program Snapshot

Required Courses: (18 Credit Hours)

  • EDL 7315: Research and Data Analysis for School Leaders
  • TLED 7101: Critical Analysis of Policy, Theory, & Praxis for Teacher Leaders
  • TLED 7465: Professional Learning in Schools
  • TLED 7785: Collaboration with Families and Community
  • TLED 7980: Action Research in Schools
  • TLED 8830: Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment for Teacher Leaders

Total Number of Credit Hours: 18


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