Quality Education at a Low Cost

Kennesaw State University is committed to transparency in how student fees are invested into campus life. Kennesaw State University works diligently to keep the cost of higher education as low as possible, including the mandatory student fee package. KSU has the lowest mandatory fees of the comprehensive universities in Georgia as of FY23. In FY23, the mandatory student fee package decreased $325 or 33% to $668. 

See Your Student Fees at Work

Student Activity, Athletic and Health Fee

Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee of $46 provides financial support for the Kennesaw and Marietta campuses to enrich the co-curricular student experience and provide essential student services, leadership development opportunities, and student wages for student leader positions. This fee supports qualified Registered Student Organizations and Student Affairs departments with a direct student impact through programming, events, and activities.

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Fourty six dollar student activity fee


Athletic Fee

The Athletic fee of $211 is used to support the Intercollegiate Athletics program, which consists of eighteen team sports. The fee also supports athletic scholarships and provides students, with a valid student ID, access to free admission to all regular season home games.

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The athletic fee is two hundred and eleven dollars.

Health Fee

The Health Fee of $51 is used to provide health services for KSU students. Due to the University's growth and the intensification of national standards in campus health services, KSU has entered into a long-term agreement with Wellstar Medical Group, LLC to manage and operate KSU's Student Health Services operations. Wellstar provides professional medical staffing and resources to offer full-time, full-service healthcare and consultations to students for preventative and acute medical care.

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The health fee is fifty one dollars.

Parking, Recreation Center, Sports Recreation and Parks Fee

Parking Fee

The Parking Fee of $30 is used to support the operations, debt services, maintenance, infrastructure, and surface parking on the two campuses.

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The parking fee is thirty dollars.

Recreation Center Fee

The Recreation Center Fee of $92 is used to manage and operate the programs, services, and facilities conducted by the Department of Sports and Recreation that promote physical, social and leadership development through sport and recreation activities within a fun and supportive environment. It is also a funding source to pay debt services for the Dr. Betty L. Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center on the Kennesaw campus.

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The recreation center fee is ninety two dollars.

Sports Recreation and Parks Fee

The Sports Recreation and Parks Fee of $81 covers the facility bond payment, insurance, required Renewal and Replacement funding, and basic operational expenses for the 88-acre Sports and Recreation Park. The park is used by students for intramural, club sports, student activities, academic classes, general recreation and athletic activities.

The fee covers the bond payments needed in acquiring the 88-acre property. This fee also pays for the maintenance and landscaping of the sports and entertainment park.

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The sports recreation and parks fee is eighty one dollars.

Technology, Transportation and Wellness Fee

Technology Fee

The Technology Fee of $55 is primarily used to outfit and update classroom technology, fund life cycle replacement of technology in the student labs, and fund student technology support personnel. Purchases made using this fee are classroom technology including software applications, computers, overhead projectors, and smart boards.

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The technology fee is fifty five dollars.

Transportation Fee

The Transportation Fee of $55 is used to provide and promote alternative transportation options for campus, including the Big Owl Bus campus shuttle system, bicycling infrastructure, and programs supporting regional transit.

  • The Fee funds the buses so that there is no bus fare making transportation hassle free for the students.
  • Provides funding for a bus tracking system that decreases wait time and leads to a better end user experience.
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The transportation fee is fifty eight dollars.

Wellness Fee

The Wellness Fee of $3 is used to provide financial support for health promotion programs and services that address identified health needs and behavior risks of KSU students. These programs may include but are not limited to stress management, alcohol awareness, healthy relationships, sexual health, nutrition, cooking demonstrations, body image, CPR/AED/first aid, physical activity, and general wellness.

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The wellness fee is three dollars.


New KSU Student Center

group of four ksu students smiling

Our 30,000 SF Student Center has been reimagined and 3,500 SF added for Student Organizations. (RSO)

  • More Collaboration Space
  • New Kitchenettes
  • Larger Lounges
  • RSO Meeting Rooms
  • Larger Game Room
  • E-Sports
  • Registered Student Organizations Workspace
  • New Welcome Center

You will receive a more welcoming arrival experience from the campus green south visitor parking lot.

James Carmichael Student Center Renovation

Tuition Information

As a member institution of the University System of Georgia, Kennesaw State University’s tuition and fee increases are effective with the Fall semester. The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia (BOR/USG) usually approves all tuition and fee schedules for the upcoming year during their April meeting. These approved tuition and fee schedules will be made available upon receipt by Kennesaw State University.