Student Center Today

Our student center today:

  • Outdated design limits visibility and student collaboration

  • Inconsistent use of space

  • Inadequate student space for gathering and events





Reimagining Our Student Center

ksu carmichael center before renovations interior..


ksu james carmichael student center.  students in student center store.



ksu student center design by Cooper Cary. Featuring students collaborating.
Designed by Cooper Cary
emory university kichen area design example
*Example: Designed by Others at Emory University


Interior of student center with people looking over balcony through tall windows out to court yard and old interior wall center.
same location renovated.


Construction Schedule

  • Starbucks (Start Construction Spring 2024)
  • Welcome Center (Start Construction Fall 2024)
  • Student Center Renovation (Start Construction Fall 2025)
  • Renovation will Include
    • The Loft = Game Room / E-Sports
    • RSO Workspace
    • Student Government Association
    • Student Gathering Centers
    • Reimagine Office Space

*All construction start timeframes are subject to change / pending USG Board of Regents approval.

Estimated Project Cost

Overall Project Cost = $12M

  • $3M = Institutional Funds
  • $3M = Student Activity Reserves
  • $6M = Student Fee Reallocation

* Subject to USG Board of Regents approval.
** Starbucks excluded from project cost.



Student Fee Reallocation

Fee Purpose FY23 Fee FY24 FEE FY25 Fee Net Change
Technology Outfit and update classroom technology and fund life cycle replacement of technology in  student labs. $55 $55 $55 $0
Recreation Center Manage and operate the programs, services, and facilities used by Dept. of Sports and Recreation. $97 $97 $97 $0
Sports & Recreation Park
Support the 88-acre Sports. and Recreation Park. $86 $86 $86 $0
Support parking operations on both campuses. $58 $58 $30 -$28
Provide health services for students. $51 $51 $56 $5
Transportation Support Big Owl Bus, bicycling infrastructure, and programs supporting regional transit. $58 $58 $68 $10
Support health promotion programs and services that address identified health needs and behavior risks of KSU students $3 $3 $3 $0
Student Activity
Enrich the co-curricular student experience and provide student services. The $7 reallocation is to cover the renovation of the Student Center. $39 $39 $46 $7
Support the Intercollegiate Athletics program with 18 team sports. $221 $221 $221 $0
  Total $668 $668 $662 -$6

$28 Parking Fee Reduction & $22 Fee Reallocation for: Transportation ($10), Health ($5), Student Activity ($6), and Carmichael Student Center Renovation ($7)

* Subject to Board of Regents approval.

Next Steps

  • Student Fee Committee

  • Board of Regents Approval

* Subject to Board of Regents approval.