Our Team

  • Khyla Guishard

    Program Coordinator, LGBTQ Resource Ctr

    (470) 578-4867
    ST 253A

Our History

In order to understand where we are going, we must first understand and appreciate where we have been. A lot of work and effort from across the KSU campus has made the LGBTQ Resource Center into what it is today. Below is a brief glance at some of the LGBTQ Resource Center's history. 

  • Gays and Lesbians United for Equality (GLUE) is established as the first LGBT student organization at Kennesaw State University 
  • The Safe Space Initiative is established at KSU, modeled after the program at University of Georgia
  • Students submit a proposal for a professionally staffed LGBTQ Resource Center to the Chief Diversity Officer

    The Presidential Commission on GLBTIQ Initiatives takes up the proposal and works towards establishing a Resource Center

  • With the support of the Presidential Commission on GLBTIQ Initiatives, GLBTIQ Student Retention Services is created within the Department of Student Development with one part-time staff member, Antony Ware.

    GLBTIQ Student Retention Services' office is located within the Office of Diversity and Inclusion.

    SPSU launches Safe Zone training

  • As the part-time coordinator's contract ends, the Department of Student Development begins a search for full-time Program Coordinator 
  • In January, the Department of Student Development hires the first full-time Program Coordinator for GLBTIQ Student Retention Services, Jessica Duvall

    GLBTIQ Student Retention Services opens the GLBTIQ Resource Center in the Carmichael Student Center, Room 164

    The first celebration of LGBTQ History Month occurs in October 2013 with the debut of "Opening Doors, Outing History" and LGBTQ history exhibit.

    KSU walks in the Atlanta Pride Parade as a university for the first time.

    In November, the consolidation of Kennesaw State and Southern Poly State Universities is announced

  • In spring of 2014, GLBTIQ Student Retention Services hosted the first Rainbow Graduation Ceremony. The class of 2014 consisted of six Rainbow Graduate.

    In response to consolidation, the Safe Space/Safe Zone Consolidation Committee was formed to consolidate the SPSU and KSU programs to be used on both campuses.

    Stonewall Housing welcomes its first group of 12 residents.

    GLBTIQ Student Retention Services partnered with Museums, Archives, and Rare Books (MARB) to host the collaborative program "MARBOut Presents" during LGBTQ History Month.

    The Big Owl Bus (BOB) joins GLBTIQ Student Retention Services in the Atlanta Pride Parade and KSU hosts a booth at the Pride Marketplace.

    The GLBTIQ Resource Center receives a renovation, updating the feel of the space and increase the number of students that can be serve. 

  • The Program Coordinator position transitions to an Assistant Director level position.

    GLBTIQ Student Retention Services hires its first Administrative Associate, Nayasia Coleman.

    GLBTIQ Student Retention Services opens an office on the Marietta Campus within the Student Affairs Suite in the JM Wilson Student Center.

    Stonewall Housing expands to housing 16 residents.

    Student present to Student Government Association requesting a larger space for the GLBTIQ Resource Center. SGA supports the measure.

    A new Safe Space program is launched in the fall of 2015.

    Kennesaw Pride Alliance hosts the first "Breaking the Silence" event on campus and Robyn Ochs presents on bi-erasure and bi-visibility within the GLBTIQ community.

    Students start QSTEM, a queer student initiative focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

    Attendance within the GLBTIQ Resource Center for the 2014-2015 academic year increases 528% over the previous year. 

  • The Administrative Assistant position transitions to a Program Coordinator position.

    GLBTIQ Student Retention Services changes its name to GLBTIQ Student Programs.

    GLBTIQ Student Programs comes under the umbrella of the newly created Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) alongside International Student Programs and Multicultural Student Programs.

    The Department of Student Development is renamed Department of Student Engagement.

    Multicultural Student Affairs opens the MSA Center on the Marietta Campus within the Student Affairs Suite in the JM Wilson Student Center; GLBTIQ Student Programs, International Student Programs, and Multicultural Student Programs share the space.

    Stonewall Housing expands to 32 residents.

    Students start the Trans Pride Alliance to foster a support network for transgender and gender non-conforming students.

    Attendance within the GLBTIQ Resource Center for the 2015-2016 academic year increases by near double over the previous year.

    GLBTIQ Student Programs hosts the first Pride Prom; the theme, chosen by students, was MasQUEERade.

    GLBTIQ Student Programs hires its first Graduate Assistant to assist with Stonewall Housing, Safe Space, and the new Safe Space Student Leadership Initiative (SSLI).

Our Space

The LGBTQ Resource Center is a community space for students to gather, create new friendships, study, and gain access to resources. Within the Center, students are presented with opportunities to learn about various aspects of identity.

The Resource Center provides students with access to a library collection of over 500 titles, a computer lab, professional and student staff, and informational pamphlets. In addition to these services, the Center also hosts weekly and monthly programming that is open to all students. 


student getting information from LGBTQ reception desk

Reception & Lobby

Our wonderful team of student staff greets students as they enter the Resource Center. Our student staff are here to answer your questions about the various programs and services offered by the LGBTQ Resource Center. Students entering the LGBTQ Resource Center will be asked to please check in or 'tap in' upon enter the LGBTQ Resource Center.

The lobby provides a space for students to gather, engage in conversation, drink coffee, and interact with our student and professional staff. 

Conference Room

The conference room offers students a quiet study space with our Study Hall hours offered daily. Within our conference room, students will find a computer lab, our library, a television for group work and practicing presentations, and a large whiteboard. Additionally, the Conference Room hosts a variety of programs including our Community Groups meetings, our monthly LGBTQ Support Group, and our monthly TRANScend Clothing Closet Pop-Up Shops.
Students collaborate around a laptop in the LGBTQ conference room

Students socialize in the LGBTQ lounge


Our Lounge is an active and engaging space providing opportunities for students to socialize, eat lunch, study, and participate in many of our weekly and monthly Resource Center Programming.

Student Testimonials

The Resource Center has given me the ability to feel comfortable with who I am. Throughout my time at KSU it has helped me grow and embrace my identity while fostering a social and educational environment. The Resource Center brings safety and community for LGBTQ students on our campus.

Fran Patrick


The Resource Center is a place to communicate with my friends and members of the community. It is the best place for everyone to come and feel safe.

Tyler Keesee


Being new to the state I met a lot of great people and friends in the LGBTQ Resource Center. I’ve gotten some great advice from Jessica, which is specifically geared to me, not some generic advice to give anyone. I’ve learned a lot about how to get involved in my community, school, how to make a difference. A lot of history about KSU and the LGBTQ community.

Aracely Garcia


The LGBTQ Resource Center is a safe place to connect with students like me.

Ren Horne


The LGBTQ Resource Center is the world to me. It is a safe space. It has worked to provide safe housing for me and provides access to books I can’t find elsewhere.

Jessica Fisher


The LGBTQ Resource Center is a place to meet tons of amazing people and has opened my mind to people’s differences.

Gabriel Ledger