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Engage College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) is a dynamic platform, powered by Suitable, that is designed to help Science and Mathematics students achieve their academic and personal goals. Engage CSM increases student involvement, gives students a competitive edge, elevates resumes, and empowers students on their path to success. Whether you are striving for excellence or looking to experience new things, the journey is better when you find your community.

Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for Engage CSM

  1. Be the first to hear about undergraduate research opportunities.
  2. Find out about events sponsored by CSM student clubs (RSOs).
  3. Join others for service-learning or study abroad experiences.
  4. Connect with resources to support your academic success.
  5. Participate in fun activities with your friends.
  6. Get to the top of the leaderboard for competitions with other students.
  7. Win prizes and badges.
  8. Track your progress as you develop 8 core competencies.
  9. Enhance your skills so that you stand out to employers and graduate schools.
  10. Achieve a more engaging and fulfilling college career.


  • Ready to get started? Download the Suitable app (link or QR code) or head to app.suitable.co and log in with your KSU email to get started today!

    1. Download the app
    2. Use your "@students.kennesaw.edu" email
    3. Press continue and login

    Don't forget to enable push notifications, enable access to the camera (required to scan QR codes) and scan the QR codes for the activities to earn points!

    Find your community with Engage CSM!

  • Earn points, prizes, and badges by attending events and activities. Each activity has different requirements, so be sure to reference the app for more information.

    Complete activities to earn badges around 8 Core Competencies:

    • Engagement Badge
      • level 1 = social engagement (connect with others on campus)
      • level 2 = academic engagement (take advantage of academic supports to enhance your success)
      • level 3 = scientific engagement (practice skills as you become a scientist or mathematician)
    • Leadership Badge
      • level 2 = self-development (take care of yourself)
      • level 2 = teamwork (work effectively with others)
      • level 3 = leadership (develop and practice your leadership skills)
    • Career Badge
      • level 2 = experiential learning (internships, service-learning, undergraduate research, study abroad)
      • level 3 = career/professional development (get ready for your career)
  • App and technical assistance – contact the Suitable team at support@suitable.com.

    Questions about points, prizes, or badges may be directed to the Program Director via engagecsm@kennesaw.edu.