Education Abroad Programs

Incorporate international studies into your College of Science and Mathematics (CSM) curriculum with education abroad programs in Belize, Costa Rica, France, India or Japan! 


Earth Science and Culture of Japan

Earth Science and Culture of Japan is a course where students will spend two weeks exploring multiple facets of Japan. Students will learn how volcanism and plate tectonics have shaped Japan’s natural history by hiking a live volcano and visiting some of Japan’s many geothermal hot springs. Students will also visit Fukushima Prefecture and learn about the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant in 2011 and how the lingering consequences of that disaster have affected the people living in the region. Students will also explore many facets of Japanese culture and history through visits to Japanese museums, castles, shrines, temples, and by watching a play at a Kabuki theater.
shrine of japan

Technology & Service in Costa Rica

costa rica swing bridge

The study abroad course for Technology and Service in Costa Rica will provide participants an opportunity to appreciate the technological advancements being made in Costa Rica in the field of biotechnology and healthcare, witness the biodiversity of Costa Rica and experience the life, food, cultures and customs of Costa Rica. Students will visit state of the art technology laboratories, experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica by visits to national parks and forest reserves and immerse themselves in the local community by participating in a service project learning first-hand the lives, customs, traditions and food of Costa Rica.

Global Biotechnology India

The study abroad program, India: Global Biotechnology, gives students the opportunity to learn how India is progressing in industrial, medical, agricultural and environmental biotechnology. An internship component involving hands-on lab experiments will provide students the opportunity to interact with world class scientists at a renowned research institution, Dayanand Sagar University (DSU), Bangalore from a global perspective. Traveling from city to city, exposes students to India's rich diversity in culture, arts, music, language, religion and its people.
ksu students in india

Global Biotechnology India


top view of italy in the evening
The Montepulciano, Italy Summer Study abroad program allows students an opportunity to take lower and upper division course work in historic Tuscany. Montepulciano is centrally located between Rome and Florence with accessible bus and rail transportation to the rest of Italy. Kennesaw State University has overseen this study abroad program, a consortium among Georgia College & State University, Georgia Southern University, Georgia Highlands College, Valdosta State University, and Kennesaw State University since 2000.




Belize Marine Biology

This hands-on field course will introduce students to various tropical marine ecosystems utilizing the coast of Belize as its study site. The course will focus on the ecology of these systems as well as examining environmental impacts and conservation efforts as they relate to the cultures and politics of Belizean society. This is a course, not a tour, so our main objective in designing the mechanics of this class is to get you to look closely, and to synthesize what you see!

ksu students in belize in the ocean