Faculty Academic Support

A faculty resource guide is a comprehensive and invaluable tool that assists educators in navigating the various resources and support available to them within an academic institution. These guides often compile information on professional development opportunities, teaching strategies, research resources, administrative procedures, and campus services. By providing easy access to essential resources and guidance, faculty resource guides empower educators to enhance their teaching effectiveness, stay abreast of emerging trends, and make the most of the available institutional support, ultimately contributing to a thriving academic community.


General Reference

Campus Maps

Maps for the Kennesaw and Marietta Campuses can be found here:


Maps found on that page include printable and full-resolution versions for the two campuses, as well as the BOB bus tracker.

Institutional Profile: Facts & Figures


Majors and Academic Programs

List of all Kennesaw State Undergraduate Majors, Graduate, Doctoral degree programs.  The list includes which campus each program is located at as well as whether the program is offered on-line.

Contact Information

  • Campus directory where you can search for faculty and staff by name or department.  Includes phone, title, department, location, e-mail and mail drop.

Door Access

The door access site contains information on the different types of locks used on campus.  You need to update your card at a Hot Spot at least once every seven days.  Hot Spots are located throughout campus and a list can be found here.

If you are having difficulties with your card, you'll need to visit the Talon One Service Center on the first floor of the Carmichael Student center.  If your card is otherwise working properly but you need access to a specific room, please contact your department's admin so they can submit a request on your behalf.


The Kennesaw State University chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP)AAUP@KSU, exists to protect academic freedom and promote shared governance between faculty, staff, administrators, and students at Kennesaw State.  Ours is a vibrant chapter, with over seventy KSU faculty as members, representing every college in the university.

In recent years we have helped create and implement the shared governance system at Kennesaw State, including the faculty senate, department and college faculty councils, and the administrative review process.

We continue to represent faculty interests and to respond to concerns related to academic freedom, shared governance, and fair process. Please join us as we continue to advocate for equitable faculty compensation, transparent decision-making, and other important concerns.

Office of the Ombuds

An Ombuds provides confidential and informal assistance in the resolution of university-related concerns, especially those not being addressed adequately through normal procedures. An Ombuds is an independent person who attempts to consider all sides of an issue in an impartial and objective manner. An Ombuds cannot impose solutions but can help identify options and strategies for resolution.

The KSU Ombuds serve all members of the campus community. 

Please contact the KSU Ombuds office at 470-578-7773 if we might be of assistance. In case you reach voicemail, please let us know when we might reach you; we seek to return calls within a day.

Visitors may also contact the Ombuds office by email at ombuds@kennesaw.edu. Please be mindful that email should not be considered confidential. Please include only your contact information and availability to speak; do not include sensitive or confidential information.

Campus Resources

    • Student Affairs Home
    • Alphabetical listing of Departments and Centers
    • Cultural and Community Centers - Offers a vibrant array of programs and services focused on academic enrichment, campus and community engagement, and cultural and identify exploration for all KSU students, such as the African American Male Initiative, Diversity Week, and the Global Village.
    • Military and Veteran's Services - Provides support to service members, veterans, and their dependents to foster their academic success and achievement.
    • ODIE Home - Fosters an inclusive learning and work environment that promotes an understanding of, and appreciation for, difference through initiatives, programs, services, and training.
    • Campus Resources - Including Disability Resources, Gender and Work Life Issues, and Sustainability.
    • Advisory Councils - Work to identify, implement, and suggest programming, actions, and policies that will lead to an increased understanding and acceptance of diverse perspectives between and among members of KSU’s diverse community.