Digital Resources

Technology has become an integral part of the academic landscape, empowering faculty members in numerous ways. With the advent of online learning platforms and digital resources, educators can create engaging and interactive learning experiences for students. Additionally, technology aids in efficient administrative tasks, such as automated grading systems and streamlined communication channels, enabling faculty to focus more on teaching and research.

Downloadable Apps

You can download a variety of desktop applications, including Adobe and Microsoft products, as well as SPSS and STATA at

NOTE: You can only download each application two times.

DUO Two-Factor Authentication

Duo is a two-factor authentication solution supporting the security of personal and university data for campus community members. Two-factor authentication is a method of confirming your identity using two separate elements: 1) Something you know (your NetID password), and 2) something you have (your registered mobile device or landline phone).

Duo provides an extra layer of security for your NetID, designed so that no one but you can access your account, even if your password becomes compromised. You will be prompted to authenticate through Duo each time you log-in to Duo compatible services.

The service provides multiple options for taking advantage of this additional authentication method, including push notifications through a smartphone app, short codes delivered through the app, or phone calls.

Information Systems Status Page

The Kennesaw State Technology Status Page provides up-to-date service information about the status of and upcoming maintenance for Kennesaw State University IT systems and services.

If you are encountering a problem that is not listed on this page, please report your issue to the KSU Service Desk at

This page is hosted off-site so if there is an interruption in our web services, you will still be able to find out information about the status of the problem.

The page also includes an option to subcribe to notifications about when systems are experiencing disruption.

KSU Mail

KSUmail (Outlook powered by Exchange) is the university’s email and calendaring solution for students, faculty, and staff.

The KSUmail service provides the University with industry standard email, calendar and appointment sharing, a unified directory, and many more important features, including: 

  • Increased inbox size: Faculty and Staff using KSUmail have a 50GB inbox size
  • Office 365: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft’s suite of online enabled productivity applications, launched to campus alongside the new email service. KSUmail features helpful integrations with Office products.
  • OneDrive: Office 365 includes access to OneDrive cloud storage and file sharing.
  • Collaboration: Students, faculty, and staff are able to easily share calendars, appointments, and folders through KSUmail’s unified address book.

Go to to access your email.  You can also install the Outlook Desktop to access your mail on campus.

Information about setting up KSU mail for your mobile device can be found here:

Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s suite of cloud enabled productivity applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Access, and more. Using Office 365, KSU community members can access their Office applications and files online through a web browser or by using desktop and mobile versions of Office applications. Office 365 also enables easy file sharing and online collaboration.

Office 365 Portal Access:


UITS Support

UITS provides KSU with the technology necessary for faculty, staff, and students to carry out academic collaboration, research, and innovation.

Faculty and staff can contact UITS Support at: Faculty / Staff: 470–578-6999

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

KSU Virtual Private Network (VPN) enables off-campus KSU community members to enjoy the same online experience and network services available on-campus. Faculty and staff can also use KSU VPN to access their office Windows or Mac computer remotely.  See for instructions on how to download and install the client.

Once installed, use to log in.