Records and Information Management

The Office of Records and Information Management provides services that include the following:

  • Secure document collection (shred bins).
  • Offsite storage and retrieval of paper records.
  • Assistance with records appraisal and retention.
  • Coordination with KSU Archives to identify historically significant documents.
  • Training on RIM policy and procedures.
  • Education on RIM principles and best practices. 

Best Practices

  • Records support and enable an organization to achieve its mission. They document its aspirations, accomplishments, and accolades. If they live long enough, they become history.

    The age of a record, its uniqueness, and the nature of its content are all factors in determining its appraised value. Another key indicator is the length of time required to retain a record, as outlined in an organization's records retention schedule.

    To determine the value of your department's records, begin by asking:

    • Is this an annual summary of programs, activities, decisions, or major developments?
          If so, it's probably of enduring, archival worth.
    • Will my department need this information to prove compliance with policy or procedure?
          If so, it probably needs to be retained for 5 - 10 years.
    • Is the same information readily available in other trustworthy sources, systems, or publications?
          If so, it's probably a duplicate record or convenience copy - dispose of when no longer needed.

    For assistance with records appraisal, contact KSU Archives or Office of Records Management at x6289.

  • Big buckets work when standard file-naming conventions are followed. A file-naming convention is a recipe for naming files. For example, employee files might begin with the employee's start date, then their last name, then their six-digit employee ID. So the file naming convention would be: yyyy-mm-dd_LASTNAME_###### (i.e., 2020-02-03_SMITH_987654).

    This comes in handy when the only metadata is the filename (or pathname), such as on a shared drive. In such an environment, here are some best practices of file and folder naming to follow:

    • Keep the names short but descriptive
    • Remember that files sort by alphanumeric rules (numbers sort before letters)
    • Use folders as big buckets, the bigger the better at the top level
    • Keep subfolder levels as shallow as possible - no more than 5-6 in depth
    • Keep the filename (which includes all the folder and subfolder names) under 200 characters (includes slashes, hyphens, spaces, commas, etc.)

    A fun and informative resource on metadata, file naming, and file arranging is "Preserving this Podcast Zine."

  • Organizations benefit from written policies and procedures.

    • A policy states the expectations or intentions of a governing body that will serve to direct and limit actions in pursuit of the organization's long-term goals.
    • A procedure, on the other hand, is a set of steps in a specific order that explains how to correctly complete a task or process.

    Defining the types of records, where and how they are stored, and how long to keep them should be part of a department's procedure manual. Written procedures for records disposition should include:

    • Steps for disposing of temporary records that can be audited and reviewed for compliance.
    • Steps for identifying records of historical worth and arranging their transfer to an archive or in-place, long-term preservation.
  • Paper records are all we had to work with before the days of computers. But with readily accessible scanning devices and software, most paper records can and should be eliminated. Why?

    • Space hogs - they take up valuable office space.
    • High-maintenance storage - filing cabinets, rolling carriages, hanging folders, file folders, binders, etc.
    • Easily lost or misfiled - no "paper trail" to track down who was the last to touch the file.
    • Easily damage - coffee stains, rusty paper clips, torn pages, rubber bands that turn to gunk.
    • Costly, time-intensive to share - make copies, distribute copies, mark up copies, return copies, edit original, then make copies, distribute copies, etc., etc.
    • Time-waster - see above.
    • Stress-inducer - watch the relief from employees when they're allowed to get rid of "all that paper."

    If a paper form is required for some reason, you can always scan the final copy and store it as a PDF in a shared folder, so everyone that needs to see it, can see it.


  • Sending New Boxes To Offsite Storage 

    White Bankers Box

    When you run out of storage space in your department, it's time to box up impermanent, inactive (non-current) hard copy records and send them to offsite storage. (For documents that may have historical value, please contact Archives.)

    Order storage boxes from Staples. Only standard one cubic foot size (10" x 12" x 15") will be accepted. Affix the barcode label on the front of the box as shown in the picture - about halfway between the lower lip of the box lid and the bottom of the box.

    Order your barcode labels from the Office of Records and Information Management. These labels are provided by the offsite storage vendor and should not be used for any other purpose.

    Order supplies - boxes and barcode labels.
    Organize and arrange records in boxes, grouping by same destruction dates.
    Submit Service Request to have new boxes picked up.
    Complete Transmittal Form, following instructions included in the file.
    Attach to file to confirmation email and send as Reply
    A complete set of instructions is provided on the Transmittal Form. Column headings contain notes that provide brief instructions, such as minimum and maximum character lengths for Major and Minor Description fields.

    Please request a new copy of the latest Transmittal Form from Keep a copy of your final completed Transmittal for your reference in retrieving boxes from storage. 

  • KSU contracts with a commercial records and information management company to store non-permanent, inactive (non-current) hard copy records. Our containers are tracked by barcode labels affixed to the outside of the box.

    To retrieve your records for temporary re-use or review, complete the request on ServiceNow.

    Boxes may be “checked out” of storage for up to 90 days. If the records are related to an audit, please note “For audit” in the “Comments” field, and we will extend the due date as needed.

    Standard delivery time is one business day, if the order is submitted by Noon. If your order is placed after the deadline, allow two business days.

    To return boxes to storage, please submit a new ticket on ServiceNow.

    If the boxes are not returned to storage after 90 days, and no extension has been requested, they will be permanently removed from offsite storage inventory.

    To return the boxes to storage after 90 days, treat them as new boxes - request and affix new barcode labels, and complete a new Transmittal Form.

  • Office Cleanout sign with broom and bucket

    RIM Office Cleanout Guides | 2 New Job Aids 

    The end of a calendar, fiscal, or academic year frequently triggers efforts to purge our lives of clutter. Two one-page guides have been developed to help you and your team dig through the avalanche of stuff that so quickly accumulates in work and home offices. These two guides provide an overview of the decision-making process of choosing the most appropriate disposition actions:

    Office Cleanout: Manager's Guide
    Office Declutter: Admin's Guide

    We can assist with your cleanout and declutter efforts, or manage the project with your guidance. Contact us at x6289 or email

Big Bucket Retention Categories

  • Records with little or no documentary or evidentiary value. Common examples: Internal memoranda and correspondence that require no administrative action, policy decision, or special handling; interim workpapers; drafts, raw data incorporated into another system, file, or document. Disposition: Destroy after no longer useful, up to two years after creation.
  • Records that support general operations and administration but do not substantially document specific programs or ongoing mission of the organization. Common examples: General accounting records; routine administrative reports. Other examples: Student athletes medical records; student advising records. Disposition: Destroy five years after student separation from KSU; destroy five years after the record is classified inactive at the end of the calendar year.
  • Records that document and protect the legal rights, responsibilities, and interest of individuals or the institution. Common examples: Institutional strategic proposals and plans; personnel files; general ledger reports; legal case records. Other examples: Bids, expired contracts, and agreements; syllabi and course descriptions; events administration. Disposition: Destroy ten years after the record is classified as inactive, at the close of the calendar or fiscal year.
  • Records that document activities and circumstances that are based on variable retention terms as defined in statutes, policies, or regulations. Examples: Programs serving minors; hazmat records; certain criminal investigation files. Disposition: Destroy after specific retention is met.
  • Records appraised by an archivist to have sufficient documentary value to the organization to justify enduring preservation. Examples: College course catalogs; commencement and graduation publications; department and college administrative and teaching histories; final summary reports; final annual budgets and financial statements; accreditation reports; presidential and cabinet-level meeting minutes, significant correspondence. Disposition: Transfer to institutional archives or maintain in historical recordkeeping data system.

Service Rotation Schedules

UPDATE  - New schedule coming soon; if you have any questions or concerns, please email us at

Rotation schedules for the routine service of permanently placed consoles (gray box) are listed below. Kennesaw campus buildings are listed on either Rotation A or B, and Marietta campus buildings are listed on Rotation C.

If your department needs any shred service, please place a ticket in ServiceNow.

Total Bldgs: 15 | Total Consoles: 70

  • Office Location Contact
    Dean's Office 3rd FL - 304 / 326 Susan Emberley 
    Secondary, Middle Grades 3rd FL - 336 / 337 Laquisha Malveaux 
    Educational Leadership 4th FL - 447-462 / 450 Vanessa Younis Saho 
    Inclusive Education 4th FL - 419-444 / 422 Theresa Meyer
  • Office Location Contact
    Facilities - Design & Construction Services 1st FL - 105 / 105F Rommy Lane 
    Facilities - Environ. Health, Safety 1st FL - 109 / 109H Janet Nash 
    Facilities - Plant Operations/AVP 1st FL - 101 / 101N Shandon Goggins 
    School of Art & Design 1st FL - 115 Cory Struder 
  • Office Location Contact
    UITS 1st FL - 212 Amy Gay 
    Library System 1st FL - 209 / 209A Ariel Turner
  • Office Location Contact
    Center for Sustainable Journalism 1st FL - 310 Chelsey Odom 
    Public Safety/Campus Police 1st FL - 312 Christy Hendricks 
    Dept of Dance 1st FL - 306 / 305M Hannah Buhler 
  • Office Location Contact
    Sports Medicine 1st FL - T135 Keith Mize
  • Office Location Contact
    Cox Family Enterprise Center 1st FL - 101 Nancy Heller 
  • Office Location Contact
    Campus Services 1st FL - 101 Kelly Johnston 
  • Office Location Contact
    Digital Learning Innovations 1st FL - 123 Denise Robbins 
  • Office Location Contact
    Conflict Management, Peacebuilding, Development 1st FL - 101 Nicole Densmore
  • Office Location Contact
    Academic Advising 1st FL - 1303  Bobbie Lark
    Enrollment Services - Registrar 1st FL - 1422 Sue Flinchum 
      1st FL - 1507  
      1st FL - GATES / Outside 1417C  
      1st FL - GATES / Outside 1402  
    Enrollment Services - Student Financial Aid 1st FL - 1109 Samantha Helgesen
      1st FL -  Inside 1402  
      1st FL - 1516  
      1st FL - 1631  
    Student Disability Services 1st FL - 1205 / 1102E Kayla Mote
    Education Technology Training Center 2nd FL - 2105-2119 / 2113 Gail Dasher
      2nd FL - 2323  
    Counseling, Psychological Services 2nd FL - 2401 / 2403 Melissa Lewis
    Education Student Services / Clinical Experiences, Placements, Partnerships 3rd FL - 3008 Arlean Paige 
    Office of Research 3rd FL - 3403-3426 / 3418 Jennifer Harb
      3rd FL - 3621  
    Office of the Provost 4th FL - Stairwell / 4413-4417 Connie Woolsey
    Office of the President 5th FL - 5600 / 5406 JuLee Childre
  • Office Location Contact
    Museums, Archives, Rare Books 1st FL - 125 / 151 Stefanie Green 
    College of Professional Education 1st FL - 209 / 209G Chris Page 
      1st FL - 227-237 / 227A  
      1st FL - 201 / 201H In room  
      1st FL - 201 / 201H Hallway  
      1st FL - 239  
    Burruss Inst. of Public Service 1st FL - 300 / 329 Christy Storey
    GYSTC 1st FL - 300 / Next to 309 Cheryl Cooley
    Doctorate in Business Admin. Program 1st FL - 431 / Reception area Sobia Mufti
  • Office Location Contact
    Sports & Recreation 1st FL - 102 Nicole Turner 
  • Office Location Contact
    UITS Ground FL - 005 Stephanie Carlson
    UITS 1st FL - 165 Lori Meadows
  • Office Location Contact
    Enrollment Services - Admissions 1st FL - 1000 / Front office Kate Mickey 
      1st FL - 1000 / 1010  
      1st FL - 1300 / 1301  
      1st FL - 1400 / 1440  
    College of Graduate & Prof Edu 1st FL - 1700 / 1707 Linda Daley 
    Graduate College - Admissions 1st FL - 1800 / 1804 Katherine Adamson
    Human Resources 2nd FL - 2000 / Reception area Marianne Huggins 
    Amanda Roper
      2nd FL - 2000 / 2002  
      2nd FL - 2000 / 2005  
    Strategic Comm. & Marketing 2nd FL - 2600 / 2726 Hallway Kimberly Bramham
    Campus Services 3rd FL - 3000 / 3014 Jennifer Reardon 
    Legal Affairs 3rd FL - 3400 / 3402 Kelli Tracy
    Office of Fiscal Services 3rd FL - 3700 / 3725 A1 Liz Knott
      3rd FL - 3700 / 3826 (2 Bins)  
    KSU Foundation 4th FL - 4520 / 4496C Elizabeth Shinall 
      4th FL - 4420  
    University Development 4th FL - 4580 / 4150 Kyle Darden 
      4th FL - 4580 / 4640  

Total Bldgs: 20 | Total Consoles: 63

  • Office Location Contact
    Owl Advising Suite 3625 Bobbie Lark 
    Career Planning Suite 3525 Robin Knight
    Honors College Suite 5525 Caitlin O'Kelley
    Global Affairs Suite 5625 Nadina Jones 
  • Office Location Contact
    School of Accountancy 2nd FL - 232 (2 Bins) Ronald Bullock 
    Marketing, Professional Sales 2nd FL - 245 Linda Rowlette
    Economics, Finance, Quantitative Analysis 3rd FL - 320 Hallway (4 bins) Cyndi Sweitzer
    Management, Entrepreneur. 3rd FL - 333 / 332 Jeanette Huntington
    Undergrad. Programs Advising Center 4th FL - 431 / 402 Jessie Reuben-Lartey
      4th FL - 431 / 437  
    Information Systems 4th FL - 480 / 472A Molly First
  • Office Location Contact
    Talon One (Card Services) 1st FL - 103 Reception Shenitra Ashby
    University Stores - Bookstore Accounting 2nd FL - 228 Sharon Stanely
    Dean of Students 2nd FL - 274 / 271 Ann Marie Thomas
  • Office Location Contact
    Statistics & Analytical Sciences 3rd FL - 3070 Leann Levelsmier
  • Office Location Contact
    Intercollegiate Athletics 1st FL - 1064 / 1091 Claire Rutte
    Health Promotion, Wellness 3rd FL - 3003-3015 / 3004 Erin Medlin
  • Office Location Contact
    Dept of English 1st FL - 153 Rhonda Nemeth
    Office of Diversity, Inclusion 2nd FL - 202-211 / 211 Donna Thedford
  • Office Location Contact
    Mathematics 2nd FL - 227 Laura Fortenberry
  • Office Location Contact
    School of Music 1st FL - 111-117 Hallway Julia Becker
  • Office Location Contact
    Foreign Languages 2nd FL - 250 Nina Burnette
  • Office Location Contact
    Chemistry, Biochemistry 1st FL - 1204 / 1206 Sarah Jordan
    School of Nursing 3rd FL - 3100 / 3042 Lisa Longeiret
      3rd FL - 3100 / 3115  
    Social Work, Human Services 3rd FL - 3200 / 3204 Kate Booth
    Exercise Science, Sport Management 4th FL - 4025 / 4014 Michele Hogge
    Dean's Office 4th FL - 4106 / 4115 Vickie Moody
  • Office Location Contact
    Statistics, Analytical Sciences 2nd FL - 204 / 204A TBD 
    Ecology, Evolution, Organismal Biology 3rd FL - 308 / 307 (2 bins) Desiree Day 
    Chemistry, Biochemistry 4th FL - 407 (2 bins) Jacqueline Winters-Allen 
    Molecular, Cellular Biology 5th FL - 507 / 508 Laurette Rust
  • Office Location Contact
    Chemistry & Biochemistry 3rd FL - 3009 Jacqueline Winters-Allen
    Molecular, Cellular Biology 4th FL - 4011 Copyroom Laurette Rust
    Dean's Office 5th FL - 5011 / 5005 Lisa Bauer
  • Office Location Contact
    Sports & Recreation 1st FL - 1101 / 1103 Tara Parker
    Health Promotion, Wellness 1st FL - 1200 / 1217 Sherry Grable
  • Office Location Contact
    Psychology 4th FL - 4030 / 4035 Annemarie Karanja
    Geography, Anthropology 4th FL - 4042-4049 / 4049A Susanne Rothery 
    Sociology, Criminal Justice 4th FL - 4057 / 4053 Kathryn Siggelko
    History & Philosophy 4th FL - 4120 / 4123 Briana Bonds 
    Dean's Office 5th FL - 5012 & 5026 (2 bins) TBD
    School of Gov't & Intern'l Affairs 5th FL - 5047 / 5043 Clara Ginn
    School of Comm. & Media 5th FL - 5106 / 5115 Amy Redd
  • Office Location Contact
    Library System Ground - 017 Kathy Rechsteiner
      1st FL - 135  
    Museums, Archives, Rare Books 2nd FL - 221 (2 bins) Amber Smith
    Graduate Library 3rd FL - 329 Kathy Rechsteiner
    UITS 4th FL - 445 Michael Pourreau
  • Office Location Contact
    UITS 1st FL - 128 Audra Boyd
      1st FL - 130 By copier  
  • Office Location Contact
    University Dining 1st FL - 106 Lee Arends
      1st FL - 106 / 1010C  
  • Office Location Contact
    College of Humanities & Social Sciences Advising Ctr 2nd FL - 223 / 223G Carley Cole
  • Office Location Contact
    School of Music 2nd FL - 217 Julia Becker
  • Office Location Contact
    School of Art & Design 2nd FL - 20 Jennifer Gerdis 

Total Bldgs: 16 | Total Consoles: 34

  • Office Location Contact
    Career Planning, Development 1st FL - 160 / 160i Miranda Caraway
    Student Disability Services 1st FL - 160 Katie Fahn
    Counseling, Psychological Services 1st FL - 170 / 170i Melea Benavides
    Office of the Vice President 2nd FL - 230 / 230A Cindy Butson
    Campus Services - Talon One 2nd FL - 250 / 250C Shenitra Ashby
  • Office Location Contact
    Division of Global Affairs/ISSS LL - 019 TBD
    Enrollment Services - Call Center 1st FL - 110 / 119 Maria Gadberry
    Enrollment Services - Marietta 1st FL - 131 / 142 Aisha Willis
      1st FL - 138  
  • Office Location Contact
    Library System ML - 001 Chris Sharpe
  • Office Location Contact
    Mathematics 1st FL - 121 Jessica Fanczi 
      2nd FL - 201  
    Honors College 1st FL - 102 Cencillia Obika
  • Office Location Contact
    Dean's Office 1st FL - 188 Lashaundra Fambro
  • Office Location Contact
    Facilities - Plant Operations 1st FL - 123 Shandon Goggins
  • Office Location Contact
    Mechanical Engineering 1st FL - 122 Cinthia Barnett 
  • Office Location Contact
    UITS LL - 120 Brandon Hartley
    Physics ML - 260 / 260H Yvonne Clements
    Construction Management UL - 330 / 344 Amy Taylor
  • Office Location Contact
    Architecture - Dean's Office 1st FL - 116 Ishmela Lyons-Uki 
  • Office Column Title 2 Contact
    Computing & Software Engineering - Academic Advising Office 2nd FL - 266 Ashley McClure
    Software Engineering, Game Dev 3rd FL - 370 Yolanda Knighten
    Information Technology 3rd FL - 393 / 394 Demetria Wells
  • Office Location Contact
    Civil & Construction Eng. 1st FL - 105 Shirnett Campbell
  • Office Location Contact
    Systems & Industrial Engineering 1st FL - 108 / 113 Christina Turner
  • Office Location Contact
    Architecture 1st FL - 120 / 127 Dorianne Gutierrez
  • Office Location Contact
    Advisor's Suite 1st FL - 137  Cecilia McDaniel
    Engineering Technology 2nd FL - 230 / 239 Renee Gamache
    Dean's Office 3rd FL - 327-330 / 330 Cecilia McDaniel
    Mechatronics Engineering 3rd FL -  316-324 / 324 Salomi Mistry
  • Office Location Contact
    Bursar's Office Ground - 056 Vickie Spratling
    Procurement Ground - 079 Vickie Spratling
    Office of Economic Develop & Community Engagement 1st FL - 180A Kimberly Henghold
  • Office Location Contact
    Sports & Recreation 1st FL - 110 / 109 Donald Brookshire