Records and Information Management

Records and Information Management (RIM) at Kennesaw State University is an essential department dedicated to the efficient and secure management of the university's vast collection of records and information. As custodians of valuable data, RIM plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, preserving institutional knowledge, and facilitating seamless access to information when needed.

  • KSU’s RIM Program provides leadership, direction, and guidance in managing the digital and paper records needed as evidence of University business, academic excellence, and regulatory compliance. All efforts to manage records and information are addressed as a holistic collaboration and coordination of people, processes, and technology.
  • The first centrally administered records management program at Kennesaw State University grew out of the need to address specific challenges facing the management of physical records in the early 2000's.

    Before, each separate office and department of the University was responsible for appraising, retaining, and disposing of its own records. Inactive paper records were boxed and stored for periods of time as recommended by retention schedules prepared by USG Board of Regents. A campus storage building operated by Facilities served as a "records center," and the disposal of records by shredding was a free service offered by the Georgia Board Authority.

    In time the onsite "records center" was shut down and the free shredding service came to an end. As boxes of records began to accumulate, concerns grew over the cost of storage space, potential exposure to legal and regulatory risk, failure to comply with USG policy, and loss of valuable archival documents.

    To address this situation, in 2004, Dr. Randy Hinds established the Department of Archives and Records Management under the leadership of Dr. Tamara Livingston. The dual mission of the unit was to develop a repository for preserving University records of historical value (Archives) and to assist departments in managing their inactive paper records (Records Management).

    First, a records management vendor was contracted to provide secure storage and destruction services.

    Second, a series of workshops and tutorials were developed to educate records owners and custodians about their responsibilities.

    Third, the concept of "records" was broadened to include all formats - electronic, audio, video, microfilm, photographic. The term "information" helps reinforce this idea.

    Moving into the future, the Office of Records and Information Management will continue to promote an inclusive and comprehensive approach to information governance. The vision is to move toward electronic recordkeeping systems that are capable of managing records and information throughout their lifecycle and of providing proof of compliance with internal policies and procedures.

  • KSU’s standard for classifying and determining final 
    disposition of University records and, being derived from the USG Records Retention Guidelines, will 
    serve as the authorization for disposal of University records as follows:

    • TRANSITORY RECORDS (0-2 years)
    • EXCEPTIONAL RECORDS (variable and long-term)

    For the  text of the policy in full, please refer to the policy portal.

  • KSU’s Records and Information Management (RIM) Program will be recognized as a world-class model for post-secondary academic institutions by promoting an enduring information culture that appreciates the value of records.


Contact Information

The KSU Office of Records and Information Management is located on the Kennesaw Campus at the Horace Sturgis Library.


Tel: 470-578-6289

Office Hours

Monday - Friday, 9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., with the exception of university holidays.

  • Horace Sturgis Library
    2nd Floor, Suite 223
    385 Cobb Avenue
    Kennesaw, GA 30144
  • Horace Sturgis Library
    385 Cobb Ave NW, MD 1704
    Kennesaw, GA 30144

Staff Directory

  • Executive Director, Museums, Archives, and Rare Books & Part-Time Associate Professor of Music History
    (470) 578-6989
    LB 218A

  • Records Manager
    (470) 578-6289
    LB 217

  • Digital Archivist
    (470) 578-2225
    LB 216