Records and Information Management

Former Kennesaw State employees

Records and Information Management (RIM) at Kennesaw State University is an essential department dedicated to the efficient and secure management of the university's vast collection of records and information. As custodians of valuable data, RIM plays a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, preserving institutional knowledge, and facilitating seamless access to information when needed. Through strategic planning, systematic organization, and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies, the RIM team at Kennesaw State University ensures the integrity, accessibility, and confidentiality of records, empowering the university community with reliable and timely information for informed decision-making and administrative processes.


KSU’s Records and Information Management (RIM) Program will be recognized as a world-class model for post-secondary academic institutions by promoting an enduring information culture that appreciates the value of records.


KSU’s RIM Program provides leadership, direction, and guidance in managing the digital and paper records needed as evidence of University business, academic excellence, and regulatory compliance. All efforts to manage records and information are addressed as a holistic collaboration and coordination of people, processes, and technology.