Welcome to KSU's Global Village (GV)!

The Global Village (GV) provides programs and services for all students, increasing awareness of international connections and fostering global learning.

Carmichael Student Center, Room 255
Phone: 470-578-4392
Email: globalvillage@kennesaw.edu

Office Hours: Monday-Friday 9 AM - 5 PM

KSU students in the global village resource center


Our Space

The Global Village (GV) is a community space for students to gather, create new friendships, study, and gain access to resources. Within the GV, students are presented with opportunities to learn about various aspects of nationality and citizenship as parts of one’s identity, and how those intersect with other identities that the students carry. 

The GV provides students with access to a resource library collection, with games and book and movie titles related to English as a Second Language, travel, cultural exploration and adaptation, as well graduate exam preparation textbooks; a computer lab; professional and student staff, and informational pamphlets and bulletin boards covering topics of importance to the international community. In addition to these services, the GV also hosts weekly and monthly programming, including Workshops, Discussions, and more.

  • Reception Area
  • Social/Study Area
  • Kitchenette

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