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The KSU College Panhellenic Council (CPC) serves as the governing body over seven Panhellenic sororities:  Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Phi Epsilon, Gamma Phi Beta, Kappa Delta, Phi Mu, and Zeta Tau Alpha. The council is operated by Executive Board Officers and a Delegate who represents each sorority. The Executive Board Officers focus on promoting and supporting the interests, missions, and values of the social sororities. The community's sisterhood stands on four pillars: scholarship, leadership, community, and service. No matter which chapter you come to call home, your college journey will be enriched by these four tenets.

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Learn About Our Community

Members of the CPC hold prominent positions on campus, excel scholastically and serve the Kennesaw community through volunteering, advocacy, and philanthropy. The KSU Panhellenic Council is operated by executive officers and delegates representing all sororities, and is focused on promoting the interests of social sororities and the Greek community as a whole at KSU.

We are excited you have taken the time to learn about our community! For more information regarding the Council, the chapters, and Panhellenic Recruitment continue exploring the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life website and also visit the Kennesaw State University Panhellenic Website below!

  • KSU Panhellenic: ksufslcpc@kennesaw.edu

    President - Hawley Penfold

    VP of Membership - Sofija Lazic

    VP of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging - Coco Carleton 

    VP of Standards - Brooke Beaty

    VP of Administration - Abby Elie

    VP of Public Relations - Brooke Chaskin

    Director of Content and Marketing - Addison Hoard 

    VP of Recruitment - Erica Winter

    Director of Recruitment Operations - Ruby Robinson

    VP of Recruitment Counselors - Grace Weeks

  • Interested in joining a Panhellenic sorority? Look no further! View here to register for Fall 2024 Panhellenic Primary Recruitment at the beginning of April. A list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) can be found on the KSU Panhellenic Website or on the FAQ tab below. Also, follow the KSU Panhellenic Instagram page!

    Fall 2024 Recruitment Dates are August 4-10th.  

    GPA Requirements for Panhellenic Recruitment 

    2.5 GPA minimum

    During recruitment every potential new member will have the opportunity to meet women from each of our chapters and learn how they can enhance your collegiate experience. If at any point you have questions, please reach out to your Pi Chi or email our VP of Recruitment at ksupanhellenicrecruitment@gmail.com!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Recruitment Logistics

  • Yes, 2024 Fall Formal Recruitment will be happening August 4-10th this Fall semester.

    CPC recruitment registration
  • In the fall, Panhellenic holds a formal recruitment process. All seven of our chapters participate. PNM’s will be able to meet all our organizations through the week of recruitment. 
    In the Spring, Panhellenic has informal recruitment, also known as COB. Not all of our chapters are required to participate in the informal recruitment process.  
    If you have any questions, please email our VP of Recruitment at ksupanhellenicrecruitment@gmail.com! 
  • Yes! Any currently enrolled KSU student can participate in Panhellenic recruitment as long as the student is eligible.
  • As a Panhellenic Council, we have committed to eradicating any racial inequality present in our community and recruitment process. We have a no tolerance policy when it comes to discrimination or inequality. No woman entering our recruitment process should experience discrimination based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or ability. If at anytime you see or experience discrimination during recruitment, please speak out by contacting your Pi Chi or email ksupanhellenicpres@gmail.com. We can only see improvements if we speak out and take action against injustice.
  • The money you paid when registering is being put to good use. We use that money to pay for all the fees that come along with renting space on campus (trash, staff, etc), sanitizing products, the shirt you will all receive, and also resources for you to utilize throughout the process.
  • 1. Be yourself! You want to join an organization that loves you for who you are, not what you are trying to be

    2. Keep an open mind! You may go into recruitment thinking you know what chapter you want to join, but be open for that to change. Remember you have only seen a little bit of our organization, so treat each day as a new opportunity to find out more. 

    3. This is your experience! It does not matter what your friends or family is telling you, do what makes you happy. If you were in a buffet line behind your friend and they put your least favorite food on their plate, would you do the same? Would you judge them for liking that food? No everyone has their own preferences. 

Recruitment Support

  • A Pi Chi, also known as a recruitment counselor, is a sorority member who is disassociated from her chapter during Formal Recruitment to assist PNMs through the process. Each PNM is assigned two Pi Chis. You will be placed in your Pi Chi Group at the end of June! 
  • You will have a chance to meet several of the Pi Chis throughout this experience.  Your Pi Chi is there for you to feel comfortable with how you’re feeling.  If you do not connect with one or both, utilize the opportunity to meet other Pi Chis as well as other participants in the process.
  • This recruitment will be hosting some fun activities at the end of each day. We understand you may be tired, which is why this will be very casual. We are currently looking at a movie night, bingo night, popscicle social, and service project. We want you to be engaged in this experience and feel you can relaz after a long day.

During Recruitment

  • Yes, you will have ample time to meet every organization in our Panhellenic community.  At Orientation, you will meet all seven organizations in the Panhellenic Community. Then, on the first day of recruitment, you will see seven of our organizations who participate in recruitment.
  • It is important to be yourself. Let your conversations flow naturally, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take time to learn more about how each chapter develops their sisterhood, how they support their philanthropy(ies) and how they enhance the sister/alumnae experience.
  • During recruitment, regardless of the format, you do not always have the opportunity to meet every sister in each organization.  As a result, ask questions!  Use the time you have with the sisters you meet to learn more about their chapters and their unique experiences.  Potential New Members are always encouraged to ask sisters any questions they have about the chapter as a whole - so start thinking about these questions now to ensure you get them answered during recruitment.
  • You will be able to have genuine and real conversations with our sororities. Each chapter has their own way of deciding who they will be extending invitations. These decisions are based around the values that define their sisterhood. We will talk further about the mutual selection process at Orientation.
  • Think about what each organization has to offer you and what you could potentially offer to the chapter. Focus on the chapter(s) where you felt the most comfortable and follow your intuition. You can also talk to you Pi Chi.


  • A Potential New Member (PNM) must be a currently enrolled KSU student. Note that each chapter may have a minimum GPA requirement. All PNMs must be registered and have paid the registration fee by the due date in order to join.

    In order to go through recruitment, you must have a 2.5 GPA or higher. This will be checked by the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life.  

  • A bid is an invitation to join a National Panhellenic Conference sorority. Bids are extended the last day of recruitment and you can only receive one.
  • Always remember that accepting a bid does not bind you to the chapter. You can choose to discontinue your New Member Process at any point before initiating. The majority of women who accept a bid from their second preference end up extremely happy in their chapter and choose to initiate. Each sorority is full of different types of women and many opportunities, meaning you can find your place in any one of them!
  • No, you are not obligated to join, but we highly encourage that you trust the process and run home on bid day. Each sorority is full of different types of women and many opportunities, meaning you can find your place in any one of them.
  • In order to be a part of our community, potential members must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.  This number is based off of an individual’s most recent cumulative GPA, whether that is their high school GPA, transfer GPA, or Kennesaw State GPA.  It is important to note that the Department bases our GPA calculation in conjunction with Kennesaw State University, meaning for high school and transfer GPAs that only core, non-elective classes are counted.  For the Kennesaw GPA, the department utilizes the adjusted cumulative GPA for membership purposes.

    Having this GPA does not guarantee membership.  For many of our organizations, a new member must have a GPA that is at least equivalent to their organization’s average GPA. 

  • Sororities are so much more than people see in the media. There are many positives that come out of joining a sorority. You not only find members that support you but you raise money for your community and philanthropy, grow personally and in leadership experiences, and establish connections that can benefit you throughout and after college. We also know that members in our Panhellenic community have an overall higher GPA than members not in a sorority. 

Post Recruitment Panhellenic Experience

  • When a student accepts an invitation (bid) to join a Sorority, they become a new member. This is a period of learning about fraternity and sorority life prior to initiation. New Member Education Program is designed to teach the fundamentals of being an effective member of your sorority, so that the chapter can enjoy the future leadership of these members.

    The objectives of an effective New Member Education Program are:

    • To assist and develop members to be outstanding members 
    • To develop members intellectually, and socially/morally
    • To familiarize new members with the Sorority - the organization and the people
    • To demonstrate friendship and provide a conduit to build strong, lasting friendships
    • To prepare new members to uphold the standards and ideals of your Sorority, and strive to continually improve it
    • Attend meetings hosted by Chapter and/or Council
    • Maintain chapter GPA expectations
    • Attend Sisterhood Events, Greek Life Events, and College Panhellenic Council Events
    • Pay new member dues; traditionally these are more expensive then the dues students will pay as an active member
    • Big/Little mentoring