At the FEC we value and support the Family Enterprise Community.  As the oldest family business center in the world, we offer programs for enhancing the collective interests of families and businesses. We engage in industry-shaping research as well as undergraduate and graduate education through the Coles College of Business. At the core of these efforts remains our commitment to education as a crucial tool for enhancing the wealth and success of the entire family enterprise community.

Opened by Dr. Craig Aronoff with the Coles College of Business in 1987, the FEC has been home to four generations of talented leadership. Since its opening the FEC has received global attention and recognition. Under the tutelage of Dr. Joe Astrachan, the Center introduced the first Executive MBA program for families in business. The Family Business Review, the first journal dedicated to family business interests was later introduced.

the family enterprise center building

Under the guidance of Dr. Gaia Marchisio the FEC continued to lead the family business industry with recognized research and application. In addition, the Center refocused its attention on bolstering Family Enterprise relationships in the Southeast United States.