Showcasing Atlanta’s Business Leaders

The Tetley Distinguished Leader Lecture Series brings Atlanta’s great business minds to Coles College of Business students, faculty, staff and alumni. Through this interactive event series, you’ll be able to hear personal stories of success over setbacks, gain insight on what makes a great leader and talk one-on-one with industry role models in an accessible atmosphere.

The series began in 1990 thanks to the vision of KSU supporter Jack Dinos along with a generous endowment from Hank McInerney, then CEO of Tetley, Inc. Since its inception the series has inspired, created business relationships and helped students network their way to top internships and jobs.

Many faculty allow students to earn extra credit for attending a Tetley, or bring their class to the events - be sure to ask your professor.

Tetley Leadership Series Schedule

Eddie Meyers, PNC Financial Services Executive

The Tetley Distinguished Leader Lecture Series brings great business minds to Coles College of Business students, faculty, staff and alumni. Through this interactive event series, you’ll be able to hear personal stories of success over setbacks, gain insight on what makes a great leader and talk one-on-one with industry role models in an accessible atmosphere.Step into the realm of leadership mastery with Eddie Myers, the distinguished Executive Vice President and President for Georgia PNC.

In this enlightening event, Eddie Myers will share invaluable insights on the paramount importance of authenticity in every leadership role. Brace yourself for an immersive journey as he delves into the essence of true leadership during "Leadership 101: Being True to Yourself." Don't miss this chance to glean wisdom from a leader who has not only navigated the complexities of executive roles but has done so with authenticity at the core. 

"Leadership 101: Being True to Yourself"

Thursday, April 4, 2024
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
Prillaman Hall 1000

About Eddie Meyers

Eddie Meyers is an accomplished financial services leader, currently serving as the Executive Vice President and Georgia President for PNC Bank. With a history of success in building and leading national and regional corporate and capital markets teams, Eddie made history in 2011 as the first Regional President for PNC Bank of African American and Latino descent.

He joined PNC in 1999, rising to Executive Vice President and playing a key role in integrating Harris Williams Investment Bank after PNC's acquisition. In his current role, Eddie oversees 900 employees and manages all banking operations in Georgia for PNC Bank, one of the largest diversified financial services companies in the United States.

A Gulf-War Veteran and Marine Corps Captain, Eddie is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, where he excelled in football. He holds an MBA in finance from National University. Beyond his military and professional achievements, Eddie is actively engaged in leadership roles, serving on the Executive Board of the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce and Central Atlanta Progress. Recognized for his influence, Eddie has received numerous awards, including being named one of Savoy Magazine's Top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America and receiving the Power Player of the Year Award from the National Black & Latino Council.

Eddie Meyers
Eddie Meyers

Tetley Lecture Series History

The Tetley Distinguished Leader Lecture Series has attracted more than sixty leaders from the private and public sectors all honored to speak to our students and all simply for the opportunity to share past experience and wisdom for the future to the next generation of global leaders at the Coles College of Business. The series has also created the opportunity for great liaisons with senior business leadership often leading to career opportunities for graduates, master’s candidates and undergraduate students.

Past Lectures

Over the years, Tetley speakers have adopted various themes for their lectures. For example:

  • Eddie Meyers gave a lesson in "Leadership 101: Being True to Yourself"
  • Stephanie Stuckey shared her story with "Revival and Resilience: The Stuckey's Comeback Journey"
  • Bernie Marcus gave us ""Kick Up Some Dust: Lessons on Thinking Big, Giving Back, and Doing it Yourself"
  • Mark, Lauren, and Ryan Wilson hosted our first panel discussion on "Generational Perspectives on Entrepreneurship"
  • Michelle Gethers presented "The NEXT Level: Perspectives on Leadership Now and into the Future"
  • Shane Jackson shared his insights on "Healthcare During COVID: Lessons from a Leadership Crucible"
  • H.P. Rama spoke on "Journey of Realizing the American Dream and Lessons Learned"
  • Lee Rhyant taught us that "You're Not Failing, You're Soaring: Turning Challenges into Successes"
  • J. Larry Stevens spoke on "Building Relationships and Becoming Extraordinary"
  • Michael A. Leven discussed "Can't Do It Yourself: How Commitment to Others Leads to Personal Prosperity"
  • Andy Puzder shared his thoughts on "The American Dream Must Be Alive and Well - Or I Wouldn't Be Here"
  • Pat Flood gave us his perspective on what he calls "Destination: BEST"
  • John Stossel explained his thoughts on "Work Hard or You’ll Freeze in the Dark”
  • Brian Pendley told us about “Setting the Tone: How to Be a Leader Others Want to Follow”
  • Hector Padilla presented "Know Where You’re Going: Career Planning for Leaders & Individuals"
  • Rob Hale explained to use that "Now is the Time"
  • Michael J. Coles shared his experience with "Taking on Goliath"
  • Debbie Pike discussed "Beyond Marketing: Why Purpose-Driven Brands are Thriving!"
  • Steve Koonin gave us his thoughts on "Connecting with the Next Generation Atlanta"
  • Bob Kilinski presented on "Turning a Service into a Business"
  • Will Alexander spoke on "The One Constant on the Road to Becoming a Leader"
  • Scott Pederson told us "How I Turned My Love for Sports into A Career"
  • Carol B. Tomé presented "The Power of a Values Based Business"
  • Mark Kaplan taught us about "Creating your Personal Brand"
  • Jennifer Van Buskirk gave us her best advice - "Ban the Word Can’t"
  • Ralph Stokes shared his "The Success of Your Dreams"
  • Life Lessons from the "Gridiron to the Boardroom"
  • Shan Cooper discussed "I Was Going to Be a Doctor, But Decided to Build Airplanes Instead"
  • Tony Charaf presented on "The Servant Leader"
  • Eric Wilhelm shared his thoughts on "Day to Day Innovation"
  • Brad Kehm spoke on "Leading the Nike Way"
  • Mitzi Moore shared her story and keys of success
  • Keith Schroeder took us on "A Journey From Idea to Reality"
  • Virginia Hepner examined "The Art of Leading a Nonprofit"
  • Mark Wilson spoke on "The Confidence to Succeed"
  • Steve Gross discussed the "Language of Business"
  • Genevieve Bos spoke on Networking and Your Net Worth
  • John Dewberry shared his vision for a greater Atlanta
  • Jim Jacoby discussed past and future developments in Atlanta, Marine Studios, and the apprenticeship program at the Jacoby Group
  • Daymond John shared the Secrets of His Success
  • Governor Sonny Perdue networked with attendees and shared insights on global business
  • Frank Belatti focused on turnaround strategies
  • Arthur Blank examined the trauma of downsizing and starting a new venture
  • Ronald Bruno looked at the dynamics of a family held business
  • Tom Cousins shared insights from a family held business
  • Jerry Dempsey talked about refocusing a 100 year old enterprise
  • Donald Hess concentrated on customer service and competitive positioning
  • Irwin Lowenstein examined managing through a leveraged buyout
  • Mary Madden looked at starting a niche technology-based venture
  • Harry Maziar commented on the importance of sales and marketing
  • Peter Spirer talked about the history of the tufted carpet industry
  • Carolyn Stradley shared her vision of the 'Great American Dream'
  • Erwin Zaban talked about family mergers and acquisitions

Topics varied dramatically and some speakers employed videos, slides, overheads, handouts or samples. All brought a passion to the Series that has made them distinguished leaders.

Location Information

The Coles College of Business Tetley Distinguished Leader Lecture Series will be held on the campus of Kennesaw State University in the Burruss Building, adjacent to the KSU Commons and Prillaman Hall. 

Kennesaw State University
Burruss Building
560 Parliament Garden Way NW
Kennesaw, GA 30144 

Parking for attendees is available in the Central Parking Deck.
View Kennesaw Campus map.