Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis

The Department of Economics, Finance, and Quantitative Analysis is the largest department in the Coles College of Business. Our faculty are renowned experts and researchers, and love sharing their knowledge and expertise with students. In addition to classroom learning, students are offered a wide range of experiential opportunities to give them an edge at the start of their careers.

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Thought Leaders, Policy Shapers

Thought leaders in competitive bidding and game theory. Behavioral finance specialists. Frontrunners in anti-terrorism research. Corporate governance policy influencers. Those are just a few of the bright minds you’ll learn from in our department.

No matter the research area or which of our two majors you choose, our faculty are at the tops of their fields, and they’re dedicated to making sure they pass their wisdom on to you.

You’ll also benefit from our experiential education initiatives, designed to keep you engaged and active in the learning process as you move toward postgraduate success. You could join the Student Managed Investment Fund and practice your trading skills, take part in internships and co-ops with national companies located right here in metro Atlanta, or even go overseas to present your own research at competitions or conferences.

After you complete our program courses, you’ll be prepared to succeed in any economics- or finance-related industry. Our priority is to make sure you’re well-trained to succeed and an asset to your company wherever your career takes you.

We also focus our research and our application of theory in excellence to the community including faculty sitting on boards, providing opinions to the press, consulting, expert witness work, boardroom and classroom education, and publishing in both trade and academic journals.

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Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics & Quantitative Analysis

Companies need current and competent economic analysis now more than ever. An economics and quantitative analysis degree from the Coles College of Business will prepare you to deliver just that. Here, we don’t just teach you theory; we teach you skills you can immediately put into practice.

This program focuses on building excellent analytics skills, trains you to solve problems and process data, and instructs you on how to adapt your theories and fine-tune them to provide insightful interpretations on economic conditions. In your courses, you will study economic growth and development, health care, the environment, energy, social security, the tax system, and how economics is a central component to all kinds of business areas.

Economics graduates earn the highest lifetime salaries among non-medical/engineering undergraduate majors. And they do so working for the government, businesses, and international organizations. You could be one of them.

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KSU undergraduate students in Economics class.

Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance

An economics degree focuses primarily on analytical talent, a finance degree is focused on building your task-oriented, quantitative skills to boost your ability to acquire and disburse funds. A Finance degree from the Coles College of Business will build up your problem-solving and adaptability capabilities to ensure you can learn the parameters of any industry and work within them to make sound financial decisions.

Along with economics majors, finance degree graduates have among the highest paid starting salaries out of college. As a finance graduate, you will find success in places such as large corporations, small businesses, banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, real estate firms, and more.

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KSU Finance student standing infront of the Coles College Burruss Building.

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