Cultural and Community Centers (CCC) fosters curricular and co-curricular programs and services that link diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, and intersection of identity to the holistic development of all KSU students.


Cultural and Community Centers ensures that all programs, services, and events offered through CCC are grounded in and guided by the values outlined by the Division of Student Affairs. 

Integrity – We will be honest, authentic, trustworthy at all times.

Inclusion – We will create and maintain a diverse community of learners that appreciates openness, equity, and equality

Community – We will enhance on and off campus engagement opportunities by strengthening relationships and creating shared experiences.

Discovery – We will create a dynamic environment that nurtures students’ curiosity for self-exploration and lifelong learning.

Civility – We will foster awareness and appreciation of our commonalities and differences through meaningful dialogue and thoughtful action.

History of CCC

Created by Kennesaw State University diversity trail-blazers Dr. Nancy King, Paul Benson, and Jerome Ratchford, Cultural and Community Centers, formerly known as Student Engagement and Student Development, was officially established at KSU in 1988 and was led by its founding Director, Dr. Jerome Ratchford. The formation of the department occurred in partnership with the first EEO/Diversity officer, Dr. Pete Silver, Ms. Carol Pope (former Director of Student Development and founder of Student Disability Services), and Dr. Toby Hopper (former Dean of Students and founder of Adult Learner Programs and Volunteer KSU). 

The department was established approximately 20 years after the institution’s founding. Both Dr. King and Benson were concerned about the notable lack of diversity on campus; both were compelled by the need to provide community and safe spaces in the Student Center for underrepresented student populations (i.e., minority students, adult learners, international students, and students with disabilities). Making provisions to support these populations was crucial to the development of a diverse, engaged, and academically successful student population at KSU.  “Though much legislation required services offered by Student Development, we didn't establish the center as a knee-jerk reaction to meeting the laws. We did this out of the spirit of wanting to create a sense of belonging of these populations.” stated Dr. Nancy King, former KSU Vice President of Student Affairs & Enrollment Services. Throughout the years, the department has evolved as the university’s student body has grown and diversified.  Today Cultural and Community Centers supports the needs and concerns of all KSU students with a mission to foster curricular and co-curricular programs and services that link diversity, inclusion, multiculturalism, and intersection of identity to holistic student development.  

Cultural and Community Centers Organizational Chart

Staff Directory

  • Shameka Wells

    Executive Director, CCC & Student Leadership & Part-Time Instructor of Public Health

    (470) 578-7858
    ST 264B

  • Associate Director, Cultural & Community Centers

    (470) 578-4518
    ST 264A

  • Program Manager, AAMI

    (470) 578-3613
    ST 270A

  • Olivia Bryant

    Program Coordinator, Cultural & Comm Ctrs

    (470) 578-7667
    ST 263A

  • Abigail Flagg

    Program Coordinator, Women's Resource Center

    (470) 578-3444
    ST 164A

  • Nashma Carrera

    Program Coordinator, Global Village


  • Office Manager

    (470) 578-7724
    ST 263