Support the SECCDC!

The goal of the competition is to identify the best team in the Southeast to send to the Nationals competition. As such support is need in all areas, including White teams, Red teams, technical support in the Gold team, and direct support through equipment and financial donations.

Gold team

The administrative faculty and professionals who will conduct the exercise, control the flow and timing of the events and injections, and who will serve as mediators for disputes and challenges. Competition teams are advised not to interact with the Gold team except during challenges and mediations. White team judges will handle these interactions on behalf of the teams.

White team

The information technology and information security academics and professionals who serve as judges and referees. Each academic team will be assigned a White team judge, and white team assistant who will assess the academic teams’ ability to secure their network segment and systems, and who will periodically query the team as to their actions and provide “injections” designed to challenge the teams’ implementation. Academic teams are advised not to argue or question the White team, only answer when queried. The White teams also include individuals who assess the readiness of team services.

Red team

Information security professionals from volunteer commercial organizations who have offered their skills to assess the abilities of the teams to defend their networks and systems. The Red team will conduct periodic probes, scans and attempted penetrations of the academic teams.

If you or your organization is interested in helping out in one or more of these areas, please contact Dr. Mike Whitman, Executive Director of the KSU Institute for Cybersecurity Workforce Development for further information. (Ph: 470-578-3568 or