KSU Hosted 2023 Cybersecurity Workshop

The GenCyber program is a 3-phase cybersecurity workshop that will be hosted by KSU during the Summer of 2023. The three phases include a pre-workshop (online for 15 hours), an on-campus workshop for 30 hours, and a post-workshop (hybrid-15 hours). The program will be helmed by highly qualified KSU professors (Ph.D.) and feature top cybersecurity professionals as guest speakers.

What is Covered in the Program Curriculum?

The program is meant to provide introductory knowledge into cybersecurity and its career offerings to high school students. Learning resources will include areas from cybersecurity principles, ethics, risk management, ethical hacking, adversarial thinking, computer network and security along with state-of-the-art Netlab cyber range to introduce students with network and forensics activities.

Who Should Participate?

Rising high school sophomore, junior and senior students with priority given to students from underrepresented minority groups and without any prior GenCyber experience. Students will be required to disclose identifying information, parent / guardian information, school counselor information, current GPA and must submit a statement declaring interest in the program. Students must be either Permanent Residents or US citizens to be accepted into the program.

Why KSU?

It is one of the 259 universities with R1/R2 designation with strong emphasis on cybersecurity, computing and engineering research in the nation. It is the home of the first undergraduate degree in information security at a public institution in the Southeastern USA region. Additionally, KSU first received the National Center for Academic Excellence in Information Assurance or Cyber Defense Education in 2004 and has been renewed for 2022. KSU currently ranks as the #1 online BS in Cybersecurity and MS Cybersecurity nationwide.

Program Schedule 

The dates given here are tentative and subject to change, but adequate notice will be provided to accepted participants in the event of schedule changes.

Pre-workshop will be online for 15 hours.

The on-campus workshop will be completed at a designated KSU Campus from June 5th to June 9th for 30 hours. During the on-campus section, start time will be from 9:00 Am to 4:00 Pm. We would like students to on-site by 7:45 Am to allow time to settle before starting each day. 

Post-workshop will be the hybrid format for 15 hours hybrid.

What is the Cost?

The program is ABSOLUTELY FREE and there will be no costs to students.

Questions Contact the Program Directors

Dr. Hossain Shahriar 
Associate Professor of Information Technology, Lead PI, Camp Director 
College of Computing and Software Engineering 
470-578-3866  hshahria@kennesaw.edu 

Dr. Maria Valero
Assistant Professor of Information Technology, Co-PI, Lead Instructor
College of Computing and Software Engineering
410-578-4552   mvalero2@kennesaw.edu

Note that email is the easiest and fastest way to contact the program directors with GenCyber questions.

Applying for Gencyber


If you made an application before the deadline, you will have been contacted already.