Academic Partners

The CCE seeks to establish partnerships and working agreements with peer academic institutions teaching Cybersecurity and those institutions interested in developing Cybersecurity programs.

The CCE has a concerted program to engage peer institutions in partnership efforts. The standard partnership agreements specifically indicate an agreement to share curriculum, and faculty knowledge, and work toward reciprocity of upper-division credits - beyond that of the current University System of Georgia standards. To date the following institutions have signed on as Academic Alliance partners:

Partnership Opportunities

The KSU Cybersecurity Center offers a range of partnership opportunities to organizations and individuals interested in collaborating on cybersecurity research, education, and outreach. As a recognized leader in cybersecurity, KSU has established partnerships with a variety of organizations and industries, including government agencies, private corporations, and academic institutions. Partnership opportunities at the KSU Cybersecurity Center include research collaborations, education and training programs, and participation in outreach initiatives to promote cybersecurity awareness and best practices.

  • Organizations can partner with the institute through sponsored activities such as sponsored research, sponsoring events, and even sponsoring a class.

    Sponsored research or creative engagement can take 2 forms:

    • organizations can directly sponsor a project where a clear opportunity exists to solve an organizational problem by leveraging one or more of our faculty members’ expertise (this is akin to a consulting relationship), or
    • sponsoring research through charitable giving.
  • The Institute hosts many events that each have some level of needed funding. Examples include:

    • Southeast Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
    • Conference on Cybersecurity Education, Research, and Practice
    • CISO roundtable
    • Sponsoring a class
  • A strategic hire will elevate the Institute to a national (or even international) level relatively quickly. This effort would be greatly boosted by the sponsorship of an endowed chair in cybersecurity.

  • The Institute recognizes the benefit of employer investment in education for both retention and talent development. Employee scholarship programs, tuition reimbursement, and/or associated internship opportunities are well-received available options.

  • Organizations may also establish a partnership agreement with the Institute through Kennesaw State University’s Department of Career Planning and Development. Students need internships, Co-op opportunities and full-time employment. Internships and Co-ops are high-impact practices that enrich the classroom experience through applied learning while providing valuable industry experience for our students.

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Industry Partners

The CCE also seeks to establish working agreements with regional industry partners to facilitate the exchange of information security information and the development of formal relationships to support Institute activities. We work closely with our industry partners to facilitate student internships, provide research and educational work products, and collaborate on information exchanges.

KSU's IS department received a 5-year gift from SunTrust to support faculty fellowship.  This is now administered through the CCE.

These are used to invest in faculty research that has immediate value to our industry partners and the results will be fed back into to curriculum to make sure our students/graduates are versed in the problems of the day.

We actively participate in Baker Donelson’s annual CyberCon

If you or your organization is interested in partnering with CCE, please reach out to us using the contact information provided below. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with a range of organizations and individuals to advance the state of cybersecurity through innovative research, education, and outreach initiatives.