Welcome to Education Abroad at KSU!

You are among a special group that has shown the initiative to expand your horizons and go beyond your comfort zone. Your education abroad program will be an experience that cannot be duplicated on campus, one that will offer you a chance for a new perspective.

A great deal of what you derive from your stay in another country depends upon what you bring to it. Consider this a learning adventure, where a willingness to accept change and tolerate differences becomes crucial to a successful education abroad experience. No other academic experience has such strong potential for the kind of profound intellectual and personal impact as studying and traveling in another country.

Thank you for joining us and we look forward to hearing about your upcoming adventures!



With the Education Abroad Office at KSU You Can

  • Travel almost anywhere in the world  
  • Receive academic credit toward your degree 
  • Gain many skills that can make you more career ready and stand out to employers – Join our ambassador program after your time abroad!
  • Learn not only about another culture but also about yourself 
  • Receive financial aid and scholarships to assist with the cost 
  • Take courses in English – No foreign language skills required!

Steps for Success

  • Search for programs using our Program Finder 
  • Apply for your program early to make sure you secure a spot in the program and courses you desire 
  • Meet with an Education Abroad Program Coordinator to answer any questions, help narrow your search, and learn about funding your education abroad program  
  • Meet with your Academic Advisor to make sure your courses abroad will go toward your degree program 
  • Apply for scholarships and meet with your Financial Aid Counselor 
  • Research your chosen destination and learn about where you will be studying  
  • Attend your Predeparture Orientation to prepare for the experience of a lifetime! 

Where Will Your Education Take You?