Each year hundreds of Kennesaw State University Students participate in education abroad programs. They travel to countries on every continent enhancing their educations and enriching their understanding of the world. This page allows those students to tell their stories.

Here you will find blogs, videos, and other testimonials from students who have traveled abroad on education abroad programs. Their experiences can potentially inspire other students to pursue an academically challenging and personally rewarding education abroad adventure.

Learn from other students exactly where your education can take you.

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Marjorie “MJ” Hsu | Italy, Summer 2022

Kennesaw State Marjorie "MJ' Hsu  Italy, Summer 2022 Photos

"To say my trip to Italy was enriching and fun would be an understatement. As an art major, it was surreal to see so many beautiful works from the statue of David by Michelangelo to the frescoes in Pompeii and so much more. I will never forget the vast, lush green from the countryside of Tuscany or the infinite miles of sunflowers I saw when traveling by train. I made so many friends and spoke to so many nice Italian store owners who were proud of their craft and culture. I even met one guy whose family had been making wine for over five-hundred years. The food was even tastier and more diverse than I imagined. I loved pigeon ravioli and can't forget the Stracciatella gelato from Montepulciano. There's so much more I could share, and I would do the trip again in a heartbeat."

Marjorie “MJ” Hsu


Bailey Ginn | Belgium, Fall 2022

Kennesaw State Bailey Ginn Belgium, Fall 2022 Photos

“It’s hard to pick just one favorite thing from this semester, so here’s my top three: immersion in the language/ culture, making new friends, and traveling Europe! Firstly, after learning French for so many years, it has been very fulfilling to put my knowledge to the test in Belgium. I’ve learned so many things that a classroom can’t cover, like every day slang or niche Belgian folklore. Secondly, I’ve made some great friends from around the world. One of my favorite memories with them being my first Thanksgiving away from home; I hosted a dinner and they got to celebrate their first Thanksgiving ever. Finally, one of the coolest parts of being in Europe has been the ability to travel. So many cool places are a train/plane ride away! Some of my favorite destinations were: Paris, Luxembourg City, Brussels, Rotterdam, and Cologne.”

Bailey Ginn

Savannah Tuschl | Ecuador, Summer 2022

alt="Kennesaw State Savannah Tuscl - Ecuador, Summer 2022 Photos"

“As a Modern Language & Cultures major, the summer Ecuador 2022 study abroad program gave me an incredible opportunity to learn about and experience Latin American culture in a way that you simply cannot in a traditional classroom. During the trip, we visited the Andes Mountains, the Amazon, and the coast. Each region had its own unique culture, from bustling cities like Quito and Guayaquil to small towns such as las Peñas. We also learned about and interacted with several diverse groups of people, including the Mestizo, Afro-Ecuadorian and Indigenous communities. 

One of my favorite parts of the trip was visiting Cuenca, what I now like to call "la ciudad de las nubes" or "the cloud city." This is because in order to reach the city, you must travel up a long, winding, and narrow path up the side of the mountains. If you manage to stay awake during the drive (because yes, it takes several hours to make the journey up that mountain) you will get to see the weather change right before your eyes as you breach the clouds: from dark, dreary and rainy to bright, clear and sunny. In other words, if you think Georgia has crazy weather, I implore you to think again.

The Ecuador study abroad program changed my life. It afforded me a priceless opportunity to fully immerse myself in a new culture and helped shape my world view. In fact, this trip impacted me so strongly that I applied for and accepted a position to work as a Youth and Families development volunteer with the Peace Corps after graduating this spring. In summary, I would strongly recommend this program to anyone and everyone. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I promise you will not regret it.”

Savannah Tuschl

Kaelyn Ireland | Ecuador, Summer 2022

Kennesaw State Kaitlyn Morgan Costa Rica, Spring 2022 Photos

“I have studied abroad three times at KSU, and although each program has been incredible, the trip I went on to Ecuador in 2022 was the best experience by far. Drs. Ernesto Silva, Seneca Vaught, and Neysa Figueroa are seasoned travelers, and, with our in-country guide Gustavo Cabezas, our cohort got to see some of Ecuador’s most incredible sights—including some that are off the beaten path for most tourists. We climbed one of the highest-elevation active volcanoes in the world. We ate cacao fruit and sampled the best chocolate in the world. We drank juice from fresh coconuts, sugarcane, and pineapples. We saw incredible waterfalls and swam in natural pools below them. We met world-class artists and musicians. We took pictures of monkeys, iguanas, llamas, and whales in their natural habitats. But the most meaningful part of the trip for me was getting to know Indigenous and Black Ecuadorians and hearing their stories about the country’s history, their culture, and their daily lives. You can’t get that experience sitting in a classroom—you can only get it by traveling and talking to people, and it will change your life in ways you can’t possibly know until you’ve done it. In my case, I learned that even though I have a disability, I can climb mountains (and now I’m training to hike the Appalachian Trail!), that Latin America is an extremely underrated study abroad destination (seriously, more than half of U.S. college students who study abroad go to Western Europe—do something different and you won’t regret it!), and that I can make the world a kinder and more connected place by traveling and sharing my experiences. If you’re thinking about going on this trip, or another study abroad trip, I promise you, it’s worth it, and the education abroad office and faculty will have your back if there are any barriers that make it difficult for you to find the money or make the time. Please give yourself this gift.”

Other trips I’ve been on, both as an undergraduate: Spain in 2018 (with Ernesto Silva and Neysa Figueroa), Peru in 2019 (with Ernesto Silva and Seneca Vaught)

Kaelyn Ireland

Josh Milton | London, Summer 2022


Kennesaw State Josh Milton USG Goes Global London, Summer 2022 Photos

“It was so special to be able to visit places that I've heard about and seen pictures of for years. Being able to see these sites in person was unforgettable and being able to do it with other KSU students made it even more special.”

Josh Milton

James Pittman | Italy, Summer 2022


Kennesaw State James Pittman Business in Italy, Summer 2022 Photos

As a student at Georgia southern I had an amazing experience traveling abroad with fellow KSU Owls. Thank you to the wonderful professors and new friends for a lifetime of memories!

James Pittman

Kaitlyn Morgan | Costa Rica, Spring Break 2022

Kennesaw State Kaitlyn Morgan Costa Rica, Spring 2022 Photo

“Having the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica was an incredibly enriching experience. Learning about the nation's history and culture firsthand really broadened my perspective on life, and I would highly encourage anyone considering a study abroad program to take that leap of faith and sign up! The opportunities are endless.”

“In March 2022, I had the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica with my peers in the President’s Emerging Global Scholars (PEGS) cohort. During our visit, we explored San José and Monteverde and stopped in the towns of Sarchí and Grecia as we commuted between our destinations. It was amazing to be able to learn about the nation’s history and culture firsthand, as well as how the country has approached important concepts like sustainable development.

One of my favorite parts of the experience was volunteering at Asociación Obras del Espíritu Santo, a non-profit organization that serves children and families living in and around the nation’s capital, San José. Community engagement at the international level was an eye-opening experience which changed my perspective on life in the United States. For any student who is considering participating in a study abroad program, do not hesitate to apply! It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

Kaitlyn Morgan

Damie Omole | Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Spain, Fall 2017

Damie Omole trip in Spain

Damie Omole, a Public Relations major, spent the Fall 2017 semester in Spain studying Communications at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. While she was there, she recorded her experiences in this eye-catching blog. Along with entries about school life and getting settled in Madrid, you'll also find picture-filled accounts of her trips to other locations in Spain and around Europe. Make sure you take a look at her great tips for future study abroad students!

Damie Omole


Ivan Stavrev | Around the World in 80 Days Italy, Morocco, Australia, Cuba, Fall 2016

Ivan Stavrev in Italy, Cuba, and Australia.

International Business major Ivan Stavrev participated in the unique Around the World in 80 Days program in Fall 2016. The semester-long experience sees students traveling to Italy, Morocco, Australia, and Cuba. While out of the country, Ivan became something of the group's documentarian.

Ivan Stavrev

Vincent Brown | Exchange: Hanyang University South Korea, Spring 2016

Kennesaw State Vincent Brown Hanyang University South Korea, Spring 2016

Integrative Studies major Vincent Brown completed a semester-long exchange at Hanyang University in Seoul, South Korea in Spring 2016, where he took a 12-week Intensive Korean Program. During his time in Korea, Vincent kept a blog filled with detailed accounts of the Korean academic experience and of his immersion into Korean culture. Best of all, he captured many of his experiences through a series of vibrant, colorful photographs.

Vincent Brown