Career Framework Tool

To continue to attract, retain, and grow the talent needed to fulfill our mission requires a compensation program that supports career development and career progression. Our new Career Framework does just that. It offers transparency and better clarity as you build a meaningful and rewarding career at KSU. View our salary structures and how our compensation program works for the Job Family within your chosen career path.

Salary Structure

Curious how position-based salarary structure operates at Kennesaw State University? Below you'll find information on how our pay grades are assigned and the steps involved in benchmarking and compensating positions.

Our institution strives to establish fair compensation levels for all positions on the basis of their scope and impact relative to markets. 

Salary Structure sorted by Job Title   Salary Structure sorted by Job Family Salary Structure By Job Grade and Career Framework Salary Structure By Career Framework and Job Level

Disclaimer: Although KSU-HR has made reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this document, it may be changed or updated without notice.

How We Got Here

In 2022, we began a multi-phase compensation project designed to ensure that Kennesaw State University can continue to attract, retain, and grow the staff required to fulfill our mission of unleashing the potential in every student we serve—and to realize our vision of becoming a top-tier R2 institution. 

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