Staff Compensation Philosophy

Our compensation philosophy aims to provide fair and competitive compensation that will attract, support the development and retain a highly qualified and diverse workforce. Our goal is to establish and maintain pay systems and policies that are externally competitive and internally equitable.

Philosophy meets the needs of our primary constituents in the following ways:

  • ­Pay competitively while ensuring internal equity and in accordance with the Board of Regents of the University System policies.
  • Recognize and reward individual performance to drive motivation and growth across the University.

Key objectives:

  • ­Transparency: Provide employees with access to salary ranges and ensure compensation policies are clear to all members of our campus community.
  • ­Equitable: Seek to pay employees in the same or similar jobs fairly and consistently relative to one another across the institution. Regularly review positions to ensure equity within and across position levels/salary ranges. Equity is defined as providing every job the same opportunity based on market value
  • ­Career Path: Publish a career framework that showcases opportunities for staff to develop their careers and enhances career path opportunities where institutional need exists.
  • ­Recognition: Reward excellent performance through salary increases and other incentives that recognize expanded responsibilities, acknowledge individual contributions to campus life, and encourage retention as budgets allow.