Support Services and Tools for KSU Employees

These essential tools and services help to enhance your experience as a valued member of our vibrant KSU community. Our comprehensive guides offer valuable insights into the university's structure, governance and benefits programs provided. At KSU, your well-being matters and our policies reflect that. These processes are designed to support your work-life balance to ensure your tenure at KSU is both fulfilling and flexible.

Please join us in recognizing outstanding contributions through our Staff Awards, celebrating individuals who embody our core values and make a significant impact on our campus community.

Employee Handbook

Your journey as a valued member of our KSU community begins with our employee handbook, meticulously crafted to guide you through your employment here. Find all the essential information about the university, governance, structure, and the various compensation and benefits programs we offer. Our commitment to maintaining a supportive work environment is reflected in our employee relations policies, ensuring your professional experience is both fulfilling and rewarding. 

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We value your well-being and understand the importance of work-life balance. Our Paid Time Off policies are designed to support you in various circumstances.

Please familiarize yourself with our policies for detailed information on vacation/annual leave accrual rates, prorated accruals for part-time employees and guidelines for faculty members and administrative officers. We are committed to ensuring you have the support and flexibility you need to maintain during your tenure at KSU. For more details, you can find the comprehensive policy document on our website.

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OneUSG Connect

OneUSG Connect is used to create a consistent approach to university polices, procedures and solutions within the Georgia university system. This portal handles the applicant and hiring manager processes, communications and internal interactions at Kennesaw State. For a streamlined process, OneUSG Connect supports KSU employees by offering a hub for approving time, submitting HR related requests, action forms and more.

Simply select the KSU Logo, login using your Net ID and password and autheticate your profile using DUO. 

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Staff Awards

We look forward to celebrating the exceptional contributions and achievements of our dedicated staff members at Kennesaw State. The university acknowledges the importance of recognizing individuals who go above and beyond, embodying our core values and significantly impacting our community. These awards span various categories, including Positive Impact/Service to the Community, Outstanding Owl Award, Excellence in Innovation Award, Outstanding Leadership Award, and the Student Success Impact Award.

To nominate a staff member, please complete the nomination form by the due date and provide a minimum of two letters of support from colleagues, supervisors, or community members who can attest to the nominee's merit.

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