What is OneUSG Connect?

OneUSG is a system-wide initiative to develop and implement a consistent approach to policies, procedures and technology solutions that benefit the University System of Georgia (USG), in an effort to reduce costs, streamline processes, and have uniform guidelines with centralized support. 

OneUSG Connect manages USG human resources activities, benefits and compensation including: 

  • Approving time and absence requests from your employees.
  • Requesting an employee reporting change or location change.
  • Submitting requests to transfer or separate an employee.
  • Submitting requests for pay changes or one-time payments.
  • Viewing or submit requests for position funding changes.
  • Electronically Submitting requests formerly processed through paper Personnel Action Forms (PAF) and Faculty Status Change Forms.

There are Many Benefits for Using OneUSG Connect 

girl with hands in the air and big smile with laptop on desk in front of her.
  • It’s easy to use and can automate some of the current manual hiring and onboarding processes such as:

    • Handles job openings, job postings, applicants, resumes, interviews and offers.

    • Automates the recruitment process through defined workflow approvals for job openings and offers.

    • Handles the initial phases of paperless applicant and employee onboarding.
  • It can be used on mobile devices and integrates fully with the OneUSG Connect human resources and payroll system.

  •  It delivers faster and more efficient applicant and hiring manager processes, communications, and interactions.

How to Login

  1. Go to: OneUSGConnect.usg.edu (bookmark this link)

  2. Click the “OneUSG Connect” button on the right.

  3. Select the KSU logo.

  4. Login using your NetID and password.

  5. Authenticate through DUO.