About Affinity Groups

In conjunction with the Division of Inclusive Excellence, Human Resources is committed to the ongoing development of staff members knowledge and skills. We believe this can take place, in part, through Affinity Groups. At present we are accepting proposals for the formation of new Affinity Groups.

KSU's Affinity Groups provide a shared, safe space to build community, provide professional support, and engage their respective student populations. Affinity Groups collaborate with each other to build more intentionally inclusive spaces where KSU employees can fully engage.

Example Affinity Groups include:

  • Working parents group
  • The sandwich generation
  • People of color
  • Veterans
  • People with disabilities
  • Latinxs employees
  • Young professionals 
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Please email below with any questions or comments regarding Affinity Groups.


Proposing an Affinity Groups

Human Resources welcomes the proposal of Affinity Groups that support the purpose stated above. If you would like to propose a new Affinity Group, please follow the steps below:

  • Identify at least three KSU staff members interested in forming the new Affinity Group.

  • Nominate an Affinity Group leader for the group. The criteria for leadership eligibility are as follows:
    • Obtain written supervisory permission to assume the task of leadership and attach to the Affinity Group Request Form below.
    • Be available to meet with other Affinity Group leaders on an on-going basis (semesterly, monthly, TBD).
    • Work collectively with others within the Affinity Group to develop a mission statement that is in-line with the established primary functions of KSU Affinity Groups.

  • Submit an Affinity Group Request Form below. Upon submission of a completed form, the Affinity Group committee will review the request to verify that the aforementioned criteria outlined above have been satisfied.

  • Verified Affinity Group Requests will then be forwarded from the Affinity Group Review Team for final approval.

  • Once approved, HR will send a confirmation message to the person who submitted the form.

  • NOTE: Please be advised that an application may be returned if there is a need for further explanation is required to support the need of the Affinity Group.

  • A member of the Affinity Group committee will schedule a time to meet with the person making the request to ensure that all aspects of the establishment of the Affinity Group are completed and ready to move forward. 

Affinity Group Request Form

By completing this form, you have the opportunity to identify at least three fellow KSU staff members who share a common interest, identity, or passion. Together, you can create a supportive community within our university. To lead your Affinity Group, please nominate an individual who meets our leadership criteria. This includes obtaining written supervisory permission, a commitment to regular collaboration with other Affinity Group leaders, and a dedication to collectively shaping a mission statement aligned with KSU's core values. Your initiative can pave the way for meaningful connections and collaborations among KSU employees, enriching our campus experience and help build a more inclusive KSU community!

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