Relaxed Attendance and Makeup Guidelines

Regardless of disability, students are expected to fulfill the essential requirements of courses, including meeting attendance requirements. However, if a student has a disability that may occasionally impact class attendance, reasonable adjustments to attendance and make up policies is considered appropriate for ensuring equal access. 
Students remain responsible for fulfilling the essential requirements of their courses (See further details regarding essential requirements below). Relaxed attendance adjustments do not permit unlimited absences and are not intended to be applied retroactively. It is not reasonable for the University to fundamentally alter, waive or lower essential course requirements, academic standards, or educational experiences/outcomes when attempting to apply this accommodation. 
If relaxed attendance is necessary for access to a course, students must work with the instructor to determine the maximum number of absences that can be given before compromising the integrity of the course/program. SDS will address student/instructor questions and concerns regarding accommodations on a case-by-case basis upon request. 

The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has provided the following guidelines when determining if attendance is an essential course requirement: 
  • What does the course description and syllabus say regarding attendance?
  • To what extent is there classroom interaction between the instructor and students and among the students themselves?
  • Do student contributions in class constitute a significant component of the learning process?
  • Does the fundamental nature of the course rely upon student participation as an essential method of learning?
  • To what degree does a student’s failure to attend class constitute a significant loss of the educational experience of other students in the class?
  • What elements of the course are used to calculate the final course grade? 

Faculty Procedures

  • Examine essential course requirements. 
  • Complete the SDS Relaxed Attendance and Make Up Agreement Form with the student. 
  • Consult with SDS if necessary to determine reasonable course-specific adjustments.