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Institutional Policies

As a vital component of our commitment to fostering an inclusive and accessible educational environment, we provide a comprehensive overview of the institutional policies and procedures that guide our efforts to support you. Find out more about key policies, guidelines and processes designed to ensure equitable access to educational opportunities for all students.

We serve as a valuable resource for understanding the framework that supports our commitment to accessibility and inclusivity at KSU.

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Policy for Animals on Campus

Creating a campus environment that is both inclusive and accommodating to the diverse needs of our student body. Our policies and procedures related to the presence of animals on campus keeps a particular focus on service animals and emotional support animals at KSU. Whether you are a student, faculty member, staff member, or visitor, this resource will provide you with important information about how we ensure the well-being and access of individuals who rely on these animals as part of their daily lives.

We invite you to explore the guidelines and procedures outlined to better understand how Kennesaw State promotes accessibility and support for all members of our community.

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Rights and Responsibilities

We are committed to ensuring that you have equal access to all educational opportunities. Here, we outline the rights and responsibilities of both students with disabilities and the university in the context of disability accommodations and support services. We believe in fostering an inclusive learning environment where everyone can thrive, and these guidelines are essential in achieving that goal.

Whether you are a student seeking accommodations or a faculty member supporting inclusive education, we provide valuable information to ensure a supportive and equitable educational experience for all.

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Grievance Procedures

If you qualify for accommodations, provide faculty members with notification letters at the start of each semester, detailing the approved accommodations. In the event that you and a faculty member do not agree on the provision of approved academic accommodations, you are required to inform Student Disability Services (SDS) in writing within two business days to seek resolution. To address accommodation-related concerns with SDS, please send an email to sds@kennesaw.edu, including your name, KSU ID, and a description of the issue.

Get to know the procedures when it comes to approved accommodations at KSU!

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