Wellstar Degrees: For Your Healthcare Career

KSU is proud to offer recognized degrees and programs that provide you with access to cutting-edge facilities, flexible study options and hands-on courses to prepare you for a fulfilling career in healthcare. Get to know our undergraduate and graduate degrees, which encompass a wide range of healthcare and wellness fields, providing you with a solid foundation for success. Our Double Owl Pathways are designed to accelerate your academic progression by integrating graduate coursework into your undergraduate studies. Get ahead in your career with our minor programs, complementing your major studies and enhancing your professional outlook.

Take the first step towards realizing your professional aspirations and making a positive impact in the healthcare landscape with Wellstar at KSU.

Graduate Programs

You can begin a path on academic excellence with Wellstar's graduate degree programs at Kennesaw State University. With flexible study options and access to state-of-the-art facilities, KSU provides the ideal environment to prepare for a rewarding career in healthcare. Explore our graduate programs in Exercise Science, Nursing, Prosthetics & Orthotics, Social Work, and the innovative dual Master's degree in Social Work and Business Administration. Take the first step towards achieving your professional goals and making a difference in the healthcare landscape.

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Undergraduate Programs

Discover a wide range of undergraduate degrees in healthcare and wellness fields offered by Wellstar at KSU. Whether you're passionate about exercise science, health leadership, human services, integrated health science, nursing, public health education, or sport management, our bachelor degrees provide a solid foundation for your future career. With hands-on learning experiences, dedicated faculty members, and access to modern technologies in the workplace, KSU helps empower you to excel in your field and make a meaningful impact in the healthcare industry.

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Double Owl Pathways

Designed to streamline your academic goals, these pathways enable you to begin graduate-level coursework during your final year of undergraduate studies, saving both time and resources. With dedicated program advisors available to guide you through each step, you'll have the opportunity to go deeper into your chosen field and gain valuable insights early on in your academic career. Discover the advantages of the Double Owl Pathways and fast-track your way to a rewarding future in health and human services.

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Explore additional avenues of specialization and expertise with the diverse minor programs offered by Wellstar at Kennesaw State University (KSU). Whether you're passionate about advocating for children, coaching, understanding nutritional science, or promoting public health, our minor programs provide valuable supplementary knowledge and skills to complement your major studies. With dedicated faculty and hands-on learning opportunities, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your chosen area of focus and enhance your professional toolkit.

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