Wellstar Certificates for Career Success

Discover specialized programs like the Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership Alliance, offered in collaboration with the Department of Social Work and Human Services, preparing you for leadership roles in the nonprofit sector. Through training in ten core competencies and practical experiences, gain the skills for success and national credentialing as a Certified Nonprofit Practitioner. Explore the Certificate in Sport Management, featuring two dynamic programs—Recreational Sport Management and Sport Analytics—to equip you with essential skills for careers in recreation professions and sports analytics.

Whether in nonprofit management or sports industry analytics, these undergraduate certificates offer valuable pathways to your career success.


Certificate in Coaching Education

 The Certificate in Coaching Education meets the demand for skilled coaches, emphasizing positive influence on youth through teamwork, diligence, and effective strategies. It prepares coaches for diverse age groups and skill levels, covering physical readiness and understanding athletes' emotional, social, and cognitive needs. Graduates are well equipped for coaching roles in various settings, aligning with national coaching standards.

The curriculum includes elements of physical education, health promotion, injury prevention, and kinesthetics principles for athlete performance.

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Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Social Innovation

The Nonprofit Leadership Alliance (NLA) provides the sole nationally recognized credential in nonprofit management leadership, developed in collaboration with and endorsed by the nonprofit sector. You will undergo vital academic and experiential training, aligning with industry standards to prepare for careers in the nonprofit sector. Upon completion of the National Certificate in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, graduates are equipped to excel in the field. This certificate is open to students of all majors, including non-degree seeking individuals with a bachelor's degree.

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Prepare to Advance with Graduate Certificates

Explore our graduate certificate programs designed to elevate your expertise and career prospects in health and wellness. Whether you're aiming to enhance leadership skills in sports and exercise, address nursing faculty shortages, specialize in psychiatric mental health, or delve into social entrepreneurship, our programs offer tailored curriculums and flexible learning options to suit your academic needs. Elevate your career with specialized knowledge and practical skills in as little as 12 months!

Discover our graduate program offerings and take the next step to obtain your professional certificate at KSU!

Leadership in Sport and Exercise Graduate Certificate

The Leadership in Sport and Exercise Certificate is tailored for professionals aiming to enhance their expertise and leadership in the sports and exercise domain. It offers comprehensive courses focusing on practical applications, communication skills, leadership theories, industry policies, and current trends. This program can be completed online and provides face-to-face elective options for students. With a program duration of only 12 months and 15 credit hours, it enables career advancement and skill development quickly in your field of expertise.

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Mobile Health (mHealth) Graduate Certificate

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in mHealth trains future researchers in the dynamic field of mobile health (mHealth). This rapidly evolving discipline utilizes smartphones, tablets, wearables, sensors, and other health-related devices for a range of applications, such as disease surveillance, treatment support, epidemic tracking, health research, chronic disease management, and healthcare delivery. This certificate program enables students from diverse backgrounds to acquire the necessary expertise in developing, implementing, and assessing mHealth initiatives across various environments, addressing complex health and healthcare delivery challenges.

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Nurse Educator Post Graduate Certificate

The Wellstar School of Nursing has introduced a Post Graduate Nurse Educator Certificate program to address the nursing faculty shortage in the United States. This program accommodates completion in two to four semesters, depending on your course load. You will be equipped as nurses with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in teaching roles within academic institutions and in healthcare settings.

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Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Post Graduate Certificate

The Wellstar School of Nursing will debut its Post-Graduate Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) Certificate program in January 2025. Tailored for change-driven nurse practitioners, this hybrid program addresses the nationwide shortage of psychiatric mental health providers. To apply, candidates need an RN license in Georgia, a master’s degree in nursing, DNP, or PhD, along with specific prerequisites. This certificate program features 3 on-campus weekend intensives and synchronous online classes. Graduates will be prepared for PMHNP exams by the ANCC and AANP! 

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Social Entrepreneurship Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship offers exploration of social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and innovation to tackle complex societal, health, or environmental issues in today's communities. This interdisciplinary program equips you with the skills to create positive societal change while ensuring financial viability. Through a focus on the triple bottom line, you'll learn to bridge traditional barriers between business, government, and nonprofits. Upon completion, you will be ready to advance and grow in your chosen career path.

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