KSU Wellstar Minors: Equipping You for Specialized Fields

Explore a range of minor programs designed to provide vital knowledge and skills for various career paths in healthcare and wellness. The Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) minor offers interdisciplinary content to address child maltreatment, while the Coaching minor prepares you for roles in sports coaching. Our Nutritional Science minor offers a comprehensive study of human nutrition and the Public Health minor helps you gain insights into public health initiatives in your community. Enhance your credentials in health-related professions with unique opportunities for learning and professional growth.

Minor in Child Advocacy Studies (CAST)

The Child Advocacy Studies (CAST) minor provides interdisciplinary, experiential, and culturally sensitive content to equip you with the knowledge needed for working with children and addressing child maltreatment. Focused on understanding the factors leading to maltreatment and effective responses, this program prepares you to navigate relevant systems and institutions. Explore multidisciplinary solutions and gain real-world experience through the Advocacy Studies program by Zero Abuse Project.

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Minor in Nutritional Science

The fully online Nutritional Science minor provides a comprehensive introduction to the study of human nutrition, covering nutrient chemistry, food systems, public health policies, and the links between nutrition, health, and disease throughout the human life cycle. This minor is valuable for careers in food, health, fitness, medicine, hospitality, and other health-related industries. It complements degrees in Exercise Science, Public Health Education, Biology, Psychology, Biochemistry, and Integrative Studies, making it ideal for those interested in medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy.

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Minor in Public Health

The Public Health (PH) Minor, offered through the Department of Health Promotion and Physical Education, introduces you to the broad field of public health, emphasizing the determinants of health and evidence-based initiatives to enhance well-being. With this minor, you'll gain essential skills to assess community needs, design and implement public health programs, and improve quality of life through various initiatives. It also enhances your credentials for health-related professions, providing a competitive edge in the field.

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Minor in Nonprofit Management and Social Innovation

Nonprofit organizations make up one of the fastest-growing employment sectors, creating a high demand for graduates with skills to work for these diverse organizations. The Minor in Nonprofit Management and Social Innovation offers a unique program of study if you're interested in a career, leadership and/or volunteer experience within the nonprofit sector.

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Minor in Coaching

The Coaching Minor aligns with the Coaching Education National Standards. It provides comprehensive training for future coaches, covering foundational and advanced coaching methodologies along with a practicum opportunity. This program enhances your coaching skills and credentials, preparing you for teaching professions and increasing their marketability in public or private schools. This minor meets the demand for trained volunteer coaches in community sports leagues while facilitating professional networking for ongoing career development.

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