Research in Health, Wellness and Human Services at Wellstar

The Wellstar College of Health and Human Services transforms lives by engaging in innovative, leading-edge research on the complex health and wellness needs of society. We lead in research and innovation by applying multi- and interdisciplinary solutions to advance health and well-being. 
Our college has committed substantial resources toward building a strong research infrastructure. Research within the College includes a variety of disciplines that have as their central focus health, wellness, and human service needs in a variety of populations.  

Wellstar Research projects include: 

  • Perioperative care and temperature regulation 
  • Risk factors and interventions for gestational diabetes 
  • Gait improvements in children with limb loss 
  • Genetic predisposition for type 2 diabetes in Latinos 
  • Robotic exoskeletons to augment locomotion post-stroke and TBI 
  • HIV/AIDS and exploration of mothering issues for HIV/AIDS infected women 
  • Application of self-efficacy theory to wellness and lifestyle activities 

Research Facilities

Our research efforts are supported by remarkably well-equipped laboratories and facilities across five campus buildings. Lab spaces range from wet-lab facilities for biomarkers assessment to social science observation facilities to comprehensive human physiology and biomechanics labs. 

KSU Research Resources

At Kennesaw State, our research fosters interdisciplinary innovation and scholarship, prioritizing transparency, integrity, objectivity, compliance, and excellent customer service to support faculty and student researchers alike. These research tools and resources provide opportunities for supporting various types of research that is approved and ready for publication.

Faculty and Staff Resources

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) at KSU provides comprehensive professional development for faculty, administrators, and academic peers to foster reflective and inclusive academic communities, drawing from expertise in educational development and related fields. The CETL programs and services encourage applying research-based practices and funding to support institutional objectives.

Scholarship and Publications

Wellstar's research, scholarship, and publications encompass a diverse range of fields, including exercise science, sport management, health promotion, physical education, social work, human services, and nursing.

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