Where Hornets Unite

In July of 2021, the Southern Polytechnic State University Alumni Society (SPSUAS) was founded under the Kennesaw State University Alumni Association. In recognition of the legacy of SPSU, the SPSUAS will work towards honoring the traditions of SPSU, advancing education in the STEAM fields, and connecting alumni across the nation back to KSU.

Mission and Vision

The SPSUAS operates with the focus of “Building STEAM for Dreams: Honoring the Legacy of SPSU at KSU.”

  • Promote the cause of higher education to current KSU students. 
  • Provide a forum for information exchange and networking among former SPSU alumni, current students, faculty, and staff, and friends of KSU. 
  • 'Foster a spirit of tradition and pride through organized events. 
  • Assist in recognizing the achievements of new graduates, alumni, current students, faculty, and staff at annual celebratory events. 
  • Encourage former SPSU alumni to serve as mentors for KSU students and in the community at large. 
  • Increase membership, alumni giving and participation of SPSU alumni in the SPSU Alumni Society and at all levels of leadership within the Alumni Association.

Leadership Council 2023 – 2024

Tiane Hamler

Tiane' Hamler '12

Shakari Smiley

Shakari Smiley '13
Vice President

Lynn Alters

Lynn Alters '85, '95

Bill Leggett

Bill Leggett '94
Imm. Past President

  • Michael Agbaere '13
  • Ron Bertrand '00
  • Don Davidson '77 
  • Austin Deaver '20
  • Jim Fausett*
  • Jerry Fountain '82
  • Robert Graham '05
  • David McKoy '05*
  • Bianca Miller '15
  • Christen Okete '14
  • Raymell Shannon '95
  • Dawn Tatum
* denotes advisors

Hornets Homecoming

Launched in 2023, Hornets Homecoming is an annual event where SPSU alumni and their families can come together to celebrate the legacy and history of Southern Technical Institute and Southern Polytechnic State University.

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SPSU alumni on campus tour

Get Connected

Connect with the SPSU alumni society and celebrate the history and legacy of SPSU with fellow graduates . Contact spsualumni@kennesaw.edu for more information.

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