Kennesaw State Department of Dance to present “Double Exposure”

KENNESAW, Ga. | Aug 17, 2021

Features choreography by Omar Román de Jesús and Annalee Traylor

 image of woman dancer
KSU Dance student Taia Galloway; image by Lauren Liz Photo.

The Department of Dance at Kennesaw State University is pleased to present “Double Exposure” August 27-28 at 8 p.m. Featuring two world premieres by acclaimed artists Omar Román de Jesús and Annalee Traylor, the performance is made possible by the Eleo Pomare-Glenn Conner Choreographic Residency Endowment. The works highlight the artists’ cutting-edge choreography and are performed by the award-winning KSU Dance Company and KSU alumni. 

First Artists Chosen
The NYC-based dancers were the first artists chosen for the new KSU Choreographic Residency program. Designed to support the creative process of artists with an emphasis on innovation and movement invention, the residency will also give students access to the professional practice of dance while further enhancing and enriching their dance education at KSU. Originally scheduled to begin in summer of 2020, the residency was moved to July 2021 because of COVID-19. Jesús and Traylor spent four weeks on campus, creating the new works and working with students and alumni. 

Professional Practices
Marsha Barsky, Chair of the Department of Dance, says, “It has been fantastic to see the journey and experience of our students. Our students have meaningful connections with professional choreographers, professional artists. These one-on-one interactions—these connections—are so meaningful and add such depth to a student’s education.”  Harrison Long, Interim Dean of the College of the Arts, adds, “It was wonderful to bring Omar and Annalee to campus through the Pomare/Connor Dance Endowment. The Choreographic Residency is highly impactful, challenging our students to excel in the professional practice of dance.” 

Remarkable Choreography
“Double Exposure” includes original choreography in two works created over the summer: “the B side” by Traylor and “Muerte Cotidiano” by Jesús. 

A Moment to Remember
Audience members will relate to the concept behind “Muerte Cotidian.” Jesús explains, “No matter how simple or traumatic, certain experiences—like your first kiss or the loss of a loved one—will change you and/or your perception of the world. I feel like facets of us are constantly dying. ‘Muerte Cotidiano’ is my portrayal of this perspective; it’s a surreal journey inspired and motivated by real life experiences.” Dancers performing in “Muerte Cotidian” are Bailey Jo Harbaugh, Darvensky Louis, Christina Massad, and Bre Sterling. 

An Alternate Reality
The second work, “the B side” was conceived and choreographed by Traylor. She explains that “the B Side” exists as “an alternate reality where the viewer witnesses the splitting and fragmenting of past, present, and future timelines.  Sentimental, retro, and iconic staples of American culture saturate the world, as the inhabitants cyclically confront emotions of the human experience that transcend space and time.” With toe-tapping music by the Dap-Kings, Elvis Presley, and KC and The Sunshine Band, the piece is performed by Angelia Andrade, Ethan Brasseaux, Kayla Brown, Chaes Hatfield, Ryann Leak, Brianna Mack, and Deanna Sanders. 

Space to Laugh
Traylor adds, “You can feel the past coming through these youthful artists. But it’s current, because it’s their perception now, it’s their experience to the past elements, to the music, to the costumes. The human transcends all time and space, and the work gives the audience space to laugh and enjoy themselves and have fun.” 

Tickets to “Double Exposure” are available online.

--Kathie Beckett

Note: KSU campus leadership continues to closely monitor evolving pandemic conditions. Based on guidance from the University System of Georgia (USG), all vaccinated and unvaccinated patrons are encouraged to wear a face covering while attending ArtsKSU events. 

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