Zuckerman Museum of Art presents “Interchange”

KENNESAW, Ga. | Sep 8, 2020

Presentation is a collaboration across all disciplines

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The Zuckerman Museum of Art will host "Interchange" virtually on September 17 at 7:30 p.m.

The Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art, a unit of the School of Art and Design, will present “Interchange,” an annual collaboration featuring all disciplines of the College of the Arts. The unique presentation celebrates the spark that the creative arts enkindle in one another. This year, eight ArtsKSU faculty will perform in response to the exhibited works in the Zuckerman Museum of Art’s galleries. At no cost, you may watch “Interchange” online






School of Art and Design’s ceramics/metals sculptor and professor Keith Smith kicks off the evening by discussing his piece, “External Fixator,” and the work of two other artists in the exhibition. Then, Smith will move to the potter’s wheel and demonstrate his technique for throwing clay, accompanied by School of Music’s jazz saxophonist and professor Sam Skelton sharing his personal musical vocabulary through improvisation.

In the East Galleries, Department of Dance professor and choreographer Lisa K. Lock will move in her own unique and beautiful way through the art in the galleries, including the “A Peculiar Proximity to Spiritual Mysteries” exhibition. Lock will wear an original headdress designed by Department of Theatre and Performance Studies’ professor Pamela Rodriguez-Montero, who was inspired by the works of Michelle Murillo.

In the Mortin Gallery, performers will take inspiration from the work in the “it’s your world for the moment” exhibition. Judy Cole, School of Music's artist-in-residence in collaborative piano, will play the evocative Cuban piano piece “Malagueña”—with its themes of love, despair, heroism, and high drama—by Ernest Lecuona.

School of Music professor Nathan Munson will sing a melody that may be familiar to the wider Jewish community: “Rozhinkes mit Mandlen.” This lullaby, taken from an opera by Abraham Goldfaden, is often crooned by grandmothers to their tired grandchildren. Timothy Ellis, Department of Theatre and Performance Studies lecturer of musical theatre, will remind you that “No One Is Alone” with his beautiful rendition of the popular song from “Into the Woods” by Stephen Sondheim.

Finally, School of Music’s John Lawless, director of percussion studies and senior lecturer, will be playing in front of “Shita,” which is Japanese for below, down, or under. Lawless describes the piece as “one of the most incredible art works I have ever seen.” He will begin with sounds from the forest, and then move underground, into sounds that could emerge from materials that lie below the forest’s surface.

The Bernard A. Zuckerman Museum of Art serves as a vital academic resource and cultural focus for students, faculty and members of the community. The Zuckerman presents significant works from the University’s permanent art collection and regularly exhibits contemporary works of various media by local and nationally recognized artists. Learn more.

--Kathie Beckett

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