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Explore Your Career Path at KSU

Choosing the right major and career can feel daunting.  Whether you have considered 10 pathways or are trying to settle on your first one, we’re here to help.  The Career Exploration team is available to assist students who are: 

  • Undeclared and looking to select their major 
  • In one major and considering changing to another, or 
  • Have selected their ideal major and are trying to map out what options exist within their career pathway.

If you’ve struggled with selecting the right path for you, rest assured that you've taken the perfect first step by visiting this site.  Buckle in, get ready, and get excited to gain confidence and career clarity as we walk through your exploration journey together. 

What to Expect

Students can schedule a conversation with our team virtually or in person, Monday through Friday through EAB | Navigate. Follow the link and instructions below.

Log On to EAB | Navigate
  1. Click "Schedule Appointment" in the top right corner.
  2. Under type of appointment, select "Career Advising."
  3. Select the "Service" that matches your college and need. For example, "BCE: Career Exploration with a Career Advisor."
  4. Select your date preference for the appointment (please note that career advising appointments must be scheduled 24 hours or more in advance).
  5. Review and select the modality (in-person or virtual) for your appointment.
  6. Review and confirm your appointment details.
  7. Add any additional comments regarding the career assistance you need.
  8. Opt-in to receive automatic reminders about your appointment.

Once scheduled, you'll receive a confirmation email at your KSU student email account.

During the meeting, we’ll ask about your path so far, as well as general areas you’ve considered for the future.  No two appointments are the same because no two individuals are the same.  But we can guarantee that our goal will be to help you take one step at a time by providing practical advice and exposure to career exploration resources.  We’re with you every step of the way.

How We Can Help

Career exploration is a process, and the Career Exploration Team is here to help! We can assist KSU students with:

  • Deciding on a major 
  • Deciding between majors 
  • Exploring career options 
  • Helping you understand your unique skills and talents 
  • Discovering what is important to you in your career
  • Understanding how you can find a career that encompasses your values, interests, and skills

Key Resources

There are plenty of great tools that can assist you in your career exploration. Below are some of the key resources and tools used by the Career Exploration Team.

We invite you to use these tools and share your results with a Career Exploration Advisor!

  • Steppingblocks is a digital tool that puts career exploration at your fingertips. Complete a brief personality assessment, explore career outcomes of KSU graduates, search for opportunities by career and major, and much more!

    Learn More
  • Offering career exploration by major, job title, or company.

    Learn More
  • Explore possible roles, industries, and strategies for work aligned with your major.

    Learn More
  • Discover what you like to do, what interests you in a career, and how this can help inform your career choice.

    Learn More
  • Have a job title in mind? Learn about the education, certifications, and skills needed to make this a reality.

    Learn More
  • Determine your key skills, role you were born to play within a team, and how to leverage these traits into today's top career pathways.  Contact your advisor or schedule a one-on-one meeting to request your YouScience activation code.

    Learn More


  • Research jobs, salaries, and companies so you can make an informed choice on your pathway.

    Learn More
  • Search for pathways based on career titles, industries, and your interests.

    Learn More

Meet the Team

  • Anthony Holmes

    Position: Assistant Director, Career Advising and Planning

    Phone: (470) 578-6555
    Location: ALC 3525

    Anthony attended high school in Springfield, OH, and upon graduation, he pursued an undergraduate degree in Psychology. Anthony served as a Student Chaplain and Resident Assistant during this time. While Anthony experienced academic success, he struggled to pin down his ultimate career goal. Anthony graduated college and went on to pursue his Master of Education degree in School Counseling. After a year interning in elementary schools, Anthony realized he didn’t enjoy working with younger students. Anthony stayed in graduate school but shifted his program to Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT). Here, Anthony served adults, while providing similar care and counseling. During Anthony’s graduate school experience, Anthony continued to work in Residence Life. Anthony also invested in his spiritual development during graduate school. This led Anthony to pursue a second graduate degree after completing his degree in MFT. Anthony obtained his Master of Divinity at Emory University. Anthony continued to work in Residence Life during this time, but he also served in student ministry. Anthony learned that he loves being around college students and contributing to their overall development. Anthony has found his home in Higher Education and Career Services. Anthony enjoys helping college students find their footing, and he is excited to play a small role in the career exploration process for others. 

  • Tania Rios

    Position: Career and Internship Advisor

    Phone: (470) 578-6555
    Location: ALC 3625

    Tania was raised near the “Big-Chicken” in Marietta, Georgia. She started her academic journey at Georgia Highlands College by attending classes throughout multiple campuses. Tania's curiosity in agriculture lead her to intern with the Georgia Department of Agriculture in Atlanta. Four years later, she transferred to the University of Georgia to pursue her B.S. in Agricultural Education. At UGA, she gained a unique internship with the UGA Plant Pathology Department conducting research on plant diseases and pests. Most importantly, she coached Latinx first-year and transfer students through academic, social, and emotional support mentorship at UGA. Through that experience, Tania discovered her true passion for helping underrepresented students find internships, employment, and explore career pathways. Despite the struggles of navigating college as a first gen, taking longer than 4 years to graduate and being a transfer student, Tania became the first in her family to obtain a degree. As a Career Exploration Advisor, Tania will continue to serve students in unlocking their passions and exploring endless career possibilities.

  • Danielle Sands

    Position: Career and Internship Advisor

    Phone: (470) 578-6555
    Location: ALC 3600G

    Danielle entered college from a small town in rural Georgia and found herself starting at Kennesaw State University without a clear career path or dream job in mind. She found herself feeling overwhelmed because there were so many majors to choose from, and it was discouraging because it felt like everyone else knew which direction they were headed in. Despite these thoughts, she remained hopeful that she would end up where she was meant to be and decided that a great first step would be to get an on-campus job. Through her work as a three-year Student Assistant with the Department of Career Planning and Development and a two-year Resident Assistant in the KSU dorms, Danielle found a love for working in higher education. She had always been passionate about working with, guiding, and helping others, so this led her to officially declare Psychology as her major. After graduating, Danielle was hired into her current role as a Career Exploration Advisor. Here she gets to incorporate her passion for creative planning and her love for helping students navigate their career path. She hopes that sharing her own experiences and struggles when choosing a major and career can help others not feel alone in this process.


What Students Have to Say

“I loved my experience with the career exploration team specifically with one of the career advisors. I have spent multiple hours with various advisors from Kennesaw but the most direct and informative information I was ever able to get I received from the career exploration team. I started my exploration process feeling very lost and confused and scared of not being able to find a career that would really fit who I am and my interests. However, one of the members of this team helped me regain the confidence and excitement in me that had been lost in my confusion about what career pathway to take. They helped me make a list of all the things I loved, disliked, and the must-haves in a career, and from there we were able to explore various career pathways that eventually led me to discover what major was right for me. I was so happy to finally have an advisor who had a love and passion for their job and that they were able to share that with me by helping me through this difficult time. I went from being lost to having regained my passion all in a matter of a few weeks.” - SP, sophomore