Whether you need a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile, e-portfolio, professional networking, or any other reason...Career Planning and Development has got you covered!

Follow the steps below to use the professional headshot booth (for free!) at the Kennesaw career center.

  1. Visit Career Planning & Development (CPD) on the Third Floor of the Academic Learning Center (ALC) in Suite 3525 OR on the First Floor of the Joe Mack Wilson Student Center in Suite A160.
    • Bring your Talon Card
    • Arrive in business professional attire

  2. Check-in with a Student Career Advocate at the front desk during business hours and let them know you’d like to use the photo booth. Tap your Talon Card to sign in.
    • Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m.
    • The office is closed on Job Fair Dates. Please visit https://ksuhub.com/KSU JobFairs for a full list of events.

  3. Follow all prompts on the IRIS photo booth to capture and receive your picture via email. The email will be delivered from IRIS shortly after your session.
Professional Headshots in 5 Minutes!