Sharing Business Insights to Success

The faculty in the Coles College of Business possess outstanding academic credentials and extensive industry experience in diverse areas of expertise. Listed below are a few highlighted faculty who regularly speak at business functions. You can contact them directly via the contact information listed in their profile. For information on other faculty who could possibly speak at your event, please contact the Office of the Dean at 470-578-6425.

School of Accounting

  • marcus caylor

    Professor of Accounting
    (470) 578-2674
    BB 210

  • Dana Hermanson

    Dinos Eminent Scholar Chair of Private Enterprise and Professor of Accounting
    (470) 578-6077
    VM only

  • Jennifer Schafer

    Associate Professor of Accounting
    (470) 578-6095
    KC 150

Department of Economics, Finance and Quantitative Analysis

  • Lucy Ackert

    Professor of Finance
    (470) 578-6111
    BB 422

    Areas of Expertise:

  • Govind Hariharan

    Professor of Economics
    (470) 578-6580
    BB 407

    Areas of Expertise:
    Business, Health Care, Regulations and Investment Behavior of Older Americans, Asian Economics,  

    Dr. Govind Hariharan is a Professor in the Department of Economics, Finance and Quantitative Analysis at Kennesaw State University. He is also the faculty advisor to the KSU Student Managed Investment Fund LLC. He was formerly the Executive Director of the India China America (ICA) Institute and Chair of the Department of Economics, Finance and Quant. Analysis. He was previously a faculty at SUNY Buffalo and at West Virginia University.

    Dr. Govind Hariharanâ s research is extensively cited. His papers are key citations in health care, regulation and investments especially of Older Americans. His research on risk tolerance and investment behavior of soon to be retirees was the recipient of the Ross award for best paper. His research on the health- wealth relationship of soon to be retirees is extensively cited. His work has been listed among the Classics in Risk. Management. He has taught a wide range of courses at universities across the globe including in India (where he is a visiting faculty at Great Lakes Institute among others), China (Motorola University, Renmin University) and Singapore and has received numerous awards for his research, teaching and leadership.

    Dr. Govind Hariharan has consulted for many organizations, public and private, such as the World Bank, Council for Quality Growth, and M&T Bank.  He has been a member of various state and local task forces on health care especially in the areas of health systems, information and transparency. He is a sought after speaker on topics ranging from health care, financial inclusion, emerging economies, skills and education, leadership and innovation at various global summits including Global Business Leaders Forum, the annual India and China Summits at Emory, and Wharton China Business Forum.

    Dr. Govind Hariharan currently serves on the advisory boards of the Georgia Department of Revenue and Atlanta Society of Finance and Investment Professionals and a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) on Forecasting Atlanta 2040. He was a member of advisory boards of the Wellstar Institute for Better Health, the American Diabetes Association- Atlanta, and a mentor for TIE-Atlanta.  He is actively involved in many academic and business organizations in India as well. He has been interviewed or quoted in many media outlets including the Financial Times, Investorâ s Daily, Money Talks, National Public Radio, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Buffalo News, and the Weather Channel.

  • Brett Katzman

    Professor of Economics
    (470) 578-6365
    BB 318

    Areas of Expertise:
    Competitive Bidding and Markets in general 

  • Roger Tutterow

    Henssler Financial Endowed Chair, Director of the Econometric Center and Professor of Economics
    (470) 578-3278
    BB 323

    Areas of Expertise:

Department of Information Systems

  • Pamila Dembla

    Associate Professor of Information Systems
    (470) 578-2319
    BB 457

    Area of Expertise:
    Information Systems, Cultural Competence

  • Andy Green

    Assistant Professor of Information Security and Assurance
    (470) 578-4352
    BB 490

  • Herb Mattord

    Associate Director for the Center for Cybersecurity Education and Professor of Cybersecurity
    (470) 578-4741
    House 3495 - 220

    Area of Expertise:
    Cyber Security 

  • Solomon Negash

    Professor of Information Systems
    (470) 578-7607
    BB 493

    Area of Expertise:
    Technology and International Issues and Mobile Application Development  

  • Adriane Randolph

    Interim Associate Dean for Community and Faculty Affairs and Professor of Information Systems
    (470) 578-6083
    CP 206B

    Area of Expertise: 
    Neuro-Information Systems; Brain-Computer Interfaces; Decision Neuroscience; Biometric Technologies for Marketing, Sales, and Education 

  • Wes Rhea

    Part-Time Instructor of Information Systems
    (470) 578-2678
    BB 486A

    Area of Expertise:

  • Sweta Sneha

    Executive Director of the MS in Healthcare Management and Informatics Program and Professor of Information Systems
    (470) 578-2436
    BB 491

    Area of Expertise: 
    Healthcare Management and Informatics

Michael A. Leven School of Management, Entrepreneurship and Hospitality

  • Robin Cheramie

    Tony and Jack Dinos Eminent Scholar Chair of Entrepreneurial Management, Dean of Michael J. Coles College of Business and Professor of Management
    (470) 578-6425
    BB 258

    Area of Expertise:
    Human Resources Topics, Organizational Behavior

  • Caraustar Professorship of Purchasing and Operations Management and Professor of Management
    (470) 578-6549
    BB 337

    Area of Expertise:
    Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Logistics 

Department of Marketing and Professional Selling

  • Jennifer Hutchins

    Assistant Chair of the Department of Marketing and Professional Sales and Associate Professor of Marketing
    (470) 578-2395
    BB 219

    Area of Expertise:

  • Professor of Marketing
    (470) 578-2017
    BB 284

    Area of Expertise: 
    Professional Selling

    Professionalization of Sales; Sales Performance; Sales Training and Sales Pedagogy

    Dr. Terry W. Loe is the Director of External Communications for the Center for Professional Selling and a tenured Full Professor at Kennesaw State University. Dr. Loe has more than 11 years of industry experience, primarily in sales in the financial services space. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Memphis in Marketing in 1996.

    Dr. Loe spent 11 years in industry in sales, marketing and management, primarily in financial services, and has over 20 years of experience in sales research, training and consulting.  His recent sales training and consulting clients include NCR, Arch Chemical, AIG, Dutch Oil, and WellStar Health Care Systems, among others. Dr. Loe is on the Board of Directors for PlayPro Media, an Entertainment and Promotions Marketing company.  Terry reviews for numerous journals and conferences and is also on the Editorial Review Boards for several international academic journals.

    Dr. Loe has published more than 45 research articles in numerous national and international academic conferences and academic journals and also authored The Instructorâ s Role-Play Guide used by sales faculty and instructors around the country.  His research has won several awards including the â Journal of Business Ethics Citation Classicsâ award for publishing one of the top 12 cited articles in the JOBE over 30 years and over 100 volumes, the Coles College of Businessâ Business Engagement Award, and the Marvin Jolson Award for Best Contribution to Selling and Sales Management Practice for the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, as well as other awards.

    Dr. Loe is quoted in numerous regional, national, and international newspapers and trade journals and spoken on sales and the professionalization of sales, sales ethics and sales management topics to organizations and conferences around the United States and globally.  Terry is the Founder and Executive Director of the National Collegiate Sales Competition, the longest running and largest university sales role-play competition in the world that includes the top university sales programs in the country, and has included universities from Mexico, Canada, Belgium and other European countries. Founded in 1999, the NCSC has contributed more than $6 million to university sales programs and sales education. Terry has also been recognized by the American Marketing Association for his contribution to the sales discipline and sales education for his development of the National Collegiate Sales Competition. He has consulted numerous universities in the U.S. and abroad in developing sales education programs, curriculum and sales role-play competitions and is past President of the University Sales Center Alliance (USCA), a consortium of the top University Sales Centers globally that assists in mentoring developing sales centers and sales faculty in the U.S. and abroad.