Scott Widmier on the Power of Customer Reviews

KENNESAW, Ga. | Apr 20, 2021

 Scott Widmier
Scott Widmier

With national insurance carriers able to spend large sums of money on advertising, how can shrewd consumers cut through the noise to determine whether the provider is a better choice for them than a smaller local provider who doesn not have the same presence in the media? 

For Scott Widmier, the answer can be to look at customer reviews.

Widmier recently spoke to personal finance site WalletHub about about the factors that affect how customers select car insurance providers. While the piece itself is a WalletHub review of provider Allstate, Widmier's insights apply to the industry as a whole.

He cites research that shows that customer reviews are among the most important elements that can impact whether someone purchases a produt or service. If that product or service has a high customer rating, then people may even overlook some personal negative experiences.

The full article also examines the power of advertising to affect how potential customers see a brand.

See the full article on WalletHub. 

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