The Best or the Most Popular? Choosing a Hotel Rewards Credit Card

KENNESAW, Ga. | Jun 14, 2021

 Kennesaw State University Faculty Melih Madanoglu

As travel rebounds and people feel comfortable staying in hotels once again, Kennesaw State University professor Melih Madanoglu discusses how travelers can get the most out of their hotel reward credit cards.

Madanoglu is the Michael A. Leven Endowed Chair and a professor of hospitality at the Michael J. Coles College of Business. Speaking to personal finance site WalletHub, Madanoglu discussed how consumers can weigh their options when selecting from the wide variety of available hotel rewards credit cards.

Among the factors Madanoglu said travelers should consider are which hotels are common in the areas they like to travel, whether the card provides additional perks beyond points (such as free nights), and whether they even travel enough to take full advantage of the card's features.

"For consumers who rarely stay in hotels, flexibility may be very important," Madanoglu said. "Therefore, they may prefer holding regular credit cards where one can redeem points for travel (including hotels)."

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