Kennesaw State University Sales Students Compete in Second Annual TK Elevator Pitch Competition

KENNESAW, Ga. | Dec 8, 2023

Kennesaw State University saw its sales students rise to new heights – literally – during the second annual TK Elevator Pitch Competition, where students had to sell their personal brands in a mere 60 seconds, all while ascending 420 feet in the air aboard TK Elevator's fastest elevator in Atlanta.

An elevator pitch is a summary of a person’s background, skills or business ideas brief enough to be delivered during a single elevator ride. The pitch competition saw 30 ambitious students participate to deliver the most effective elevator pitch to TK Elevator executives and showcase their potential as the ideal candidate for the company’s sales team.

Winners of the the second annual TK Elevator Pitch Competition

This year’s winner was Molly Kitchen, a management major and vice president of the Kennesaw State Sales Club.

“I competed the year before and wanted to show them my growth over the past year,” Kitchen said. “During that first pitch, my main focus was not letting the nerves get the best of me. I really wanted to show them my confidence, so all I could think about was not stuttering or forgetting the key points in my pitch.”

Kitchen attributes her success this year to the support from friends on the sales team and her coaches, who provided ample practice sessions, allowing her to refine her pitch.

“We had mentors from the Center of Professional Selling who practiced with us and gave us advice on how to better our pitches,” said Kitchen. “I also have to shout out my friends on the sales team who let me run through my pitch as many times as I needed before I felt confident in it.”

Last year's winner, Avani Shah, went on to become a Modernization Specialist at TK Elevator. She was present at the event where she spoke to the contestants and presented the awards. Her presence served as a reminder of the potential career opportunities that real-world competitions like this one can lead to.

Adding an exciting twist to this year’s event, the organizers decided to have the four finalists compete in a production studio, live-streaming their pitches for their peers and the TKE team to watch. This unexpected challenge added an element of real-world pressure to the competition. Atlanta Branch Manager and co-creator of the competition, Adam Luckey, was excited to see how the students adjusted to the twist. Kitchen's confidence left a lasting impression on the judges, securing her the first prize.

“It was a lot of fun to watch them adjust to this last-minute curveball that was thrown just moments before the final round,” said Luckey. “I was very impressed with Molly’s pitch. She was able to remain calm and really seemed to enjoy the pressure of having the lights and cameras on her. She’s got a bright future.”

The TK Elevator Pitch Competition has become more than just a showcase of sales skills for Kennesaw State students. It shows the university's commitment to providing students with unique and practical experiences that prepare them for the competitive world of business.

“The students who compete in this competition get a chance to work on some very critical elements of the sales process,” said Luckey. “They learn that preparation, creativity, and confidence go a long way in separating themselves from others.”

Kitchen is grateful for the instrumental role that the faculty in the KSU Center for Professional Selling – dedicated to promoting the value and integrity of the sales profession to students – played in her success.

“My time within the KSU Center for Professional Selling definitely prepared me for the high stakes of this competition,” said Kitchen. “My professors have encouraged me to be the best I can be, and I owe them a lot for my success this past year.”

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