Coles Faculty Comment on Reading Scores, Low-Cost Travel, and Personal Loans

KENNESAW, Ga. | Dec 22, 2023

Faculty from the Michael J. Coles College of Business faculty give insight on recent pressing matters in the media. Below are the recent faculty featured on several platforms to discuss current topics.

Ben Scafidi

Georgia education officials decide which test scores mean kids can read

The Georgia Board of Education recently decided which test scores indicate whether students can read well enough to pass the third grade. They settled on a score of 520 on the Lexile Framework for Reading was the minimum to be allowed to pass, instead of the Governor's Achievement Office’s preferred score of 670. Economics professor Ben Scafidi was asked by the GAO to review their research, which he endorsed. Scafidi shared is insights with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he endorses the tougher interpretation and encourages the state to revisit the issue in a year or two.

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This Is the Most Fun City in the U.S., According to Research

Tyra Burton, senior lecturer in marketing, was recently featured in WalletHub's piece on the most fun city in the U.S. Vegas took the number one spot; however, Burton recommends travelers check out more off-the-beaten-path destinations that can provide unique and lower-cost experiences.

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Tyra Burton
Stefano Mazzotta

Personal Loans for Bad Credit

Professor of Economics and Finance Stefano Mazzotta shared with WalletHub why personal loans may not be a good idea for people with bad credit. Mazzotta recommends regaining financial health before using your credit to your advantage.

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