KSU Faculty Share Expert Knowledge on the Economy, Cybersecurity, and Car Insurance

KENNESAW, Ga. | Mar 25, 2024

Faculty from the Michael J. Coles College of Business faculty give insight on recent pressing matters in the media. Below are the recent faculty featured on several platforms to discuss current topics.

Andy Green

Fulton county cyber security

Andy Green, Assistant Professor of Information Security and Assurance, shared his expertise on Neighborhood TV Atlanta regarding the recent cyberattack in Fulton County. Green discussed the methods used by cyber attackers, offered strategies for organizational defense, and emphasized the community impact of hacking. He recommended proactive measures like vigilant data monitoring and credit tool utilization for timely alerts.

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Atlanta-based UPS announces plan to cut 12K jobs worldwide

Atlanta-based company UPS is set to reduce its global workforce by 12,000 jobs. Roger Tutterow, Director of the Econometric Center and Professor of Economics, shared his insights with Fox 32 news, suggesting that this worldwide cut may not have a substantial impact on the economy.

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Roger Tutterow
Stephano Mazzotta

Best pay-per-mile insurance companies

Stephano Mazzotta, Professor of Economics and Finance, was featured in WalletHub as an expert on pay-per-mile car insurance. Recommending top providers, Mazzotta advocates for its suitability for low-mileage drivers. However, he acknowledges consumer concerns regarding privacy intrusion and data collection uncertainties.

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What key cybersecurity measures should a business in a high-risk industry have?

Herbert J. Mattord, Professor of Information Security and Assurance, spoke with Credit Donkey on the topic of essential cybersecurity measures for high-risk industries. Mattord highlighted the necessity for every company to establish an operational cybersecurity program, complete with clearly defined responsibilities and dedicated staff to fulfill cyber defense tasks.

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Herbert J. Mattord
Prachi Gala

The best car insurance options

Prachi Gala, Assistant Professor of Marketing and Professional Sales, provided expert insights for MarketWatch's article on the significance of comparing car insurance providers and the key factors to consider when purchasing. This detailed guide serves as a valuable resource for consumers seeking the best car insurance options tailored to their needs.

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