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Succeeding in business is all about making connections. The Building Bold Connections podcast engages in conversations with business leaders from all professions who value connections and bold ideas. Each episode explores the creative ways business leaders have solved professional challenges to gain success in their respective fields. Most importantly, we find out what first inspired them to think differently about their approach to identifying solutions. Join host Tyra Burton for this must-listen show for anyone looking to build net worth from their network.

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Communicating Value

Featuring: Michael J. Coles, Co-Founder, Great American Cookie Company

Former CEO, Caribou Coffee

Namesake, Coles College of Business

In the season one finale, Michael J. Coles, Co-Founder of the Great American Cookie Company and the namesake of Kennesaw State University’s Michael J. Coles College of Business, sits down with host Tyra Burton to share details of his life as an entrepreneur, world-record holding athlete, and an inspiring leader. He provides fascinating insights into the important ways customers have taken the power away from sellers, and how businesses can use that to their advantage.

Michael J. Coles

Investing in People

Featuring: Sean Taylor, CPA and CEO of Smith + Howard

CPA firm Smith + Howard has regularly been named one of the best places to work in Atlanta. Host Tyra Burton speaks with CEO Sean Taylor – who joined the company 30 years ago as an intern – to find out businesses can do to inspire people to spend their entire careers there. They also touch on how technology and automation is changing the accounting profession. It's episode 7 of Building Bold Connections.

Sean Taylor

Women in Fintech

Featuring: Audrey Hall, Chief Product Officer, Brightwell

Audrey Hall, chief product officer for Brightwell and one of the top software product executives of 2022, speaks to host Tyra Burton about using digital payment technology to help cruise ship workers manage their funds, and how Brightwell embraced innovation when the pandemic brought the cruise industry to a halt. Audrey also talks about how women can succeed in the fast-growing world of digital payments.

Audrey Hall

Pivot on a Dime

Featuring: Carmelita Marrow, Director of Communications and Convening, National Network of Public Health Institutes

Carmelita Marrow, speaks with host Tyra Burton on how the COVID-19 pandemic threw the hospitality industry into chaos and how she has leveraged the value of relationships to weather the storm.

Carmelita Marrow

The Great Resignation

Featuring: Troy Felder, Regional Senior Human Resources Business Partner, McKesson

Employees are reassessing what they expect to get out of their professional lives, with a greater focus on work-life balance and career trajectory. Troy Felder with McKesson speaks with host Tyra Burton about meeting these changing expectations as well as adapting to other trends in the HR industry.

Troy Felder

Life was 'Life-ing'

Featuring: Nicole Anderson, Founder and CEO, HER Wine

Nicole Anderson, founder and CEO of HER Wine, speaks with host Tyra Burton and shares stories of the adversity she faced along her journey to full-time entrepreneurship.

Nicole Anderson

Think Before You Share

Featuring: Jake Bulim, Senior Associate, Security Monitoring & Response, KPMG
Part-Time Instructor, Kennesaw State Information Security & Assurance Program

Jake, a three-time alumnus of Kennesaw State University, shares his insights on the cybersecurity business and on how professionals - and you - can learn to better manage cyber threats.

Jake Bulim

A Path to Sales

Featuring: Chase York, Group Sales Account Executive, Atlanta Falcons

Chase shares his path to sales from a background in sports, while discussing his largest sale and revealing the scariest part of working in the sales profession.

photo of chase york

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