The Cell, Developmental and Organismal Physiology research interest group at Kennesaw State University (KSU) addresses questions in cell biogenesis and maintenance, and how cellular and molecular processes are integrated at the organismal level. Topics studied include migration, cell-cell interactions and differentiation pathways underlying development and aging of tissues and organs, stress physiology, and understanding links between form and function. We apply experimental genetics using cell culture, the mouse, C. elegans, and Drosophila models.

Faculty Who Specialize In This Research

  • Assistant Professor of Biology
    (470) 578-3275
    SC 336

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  • Associate Professor of Developmental Biology
    (470) 578-4919
    SL 4004

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  • Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology
    (470) 578-4998
    SL 4003

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  • Director of Intellectual Property Development and Assistant Professor of Microbiology
    (470) 578-5115
    SC 519

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  • Assistant Professor of Microbiology
    (470) 578-2653
    SL 4005

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  • Interim Chair of the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Professor of Biology
    (470) 578-7558
    SC 509

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  • Dean of the College of Science and Mathematics and Professor of Biology
    (470) 578-3143
    SL 5016

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  • Associate Vice President for Research and Professor of Biology
    (470) 578-7777
    SL 4006

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