The Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery in Microorganisms research interest group uses functional, phenotypic, and structure-based methods to identify targets and lead drugs for infectious diseases caused by eubacteria (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) and  protists (Trypanosoma brucei, and Leishmania species). In addition, we employ drug-like molecules as probes of biological pathways.

Faculty Who Specialize In This Research

  • Interim Associate Vice President for Innovation and Commercialization, Director of Intellectual Property Development and Associate Professor of Microbiology
    (470) 578-5115
    SC 519

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  • Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    (470) 578-6759
    SC 422

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  • Associate Professor of Biochemistry
    (470) 578-2258
    SL 3006

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  • Professor of Biology
    (470) 568-3071
    SL 5060

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  • Assistant Chair of the Department of Physics and Director of the BS in Physics Program and Associate Professor of Physics
    (470) 578-4210
    H 260H

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